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Mehrere Probleme mit Adobe Premiere (Hauptsächlich mit dem Exportieren)

Multiple problems with Adobe Premiere (mostly with the Export)

Frage von CrashDummy:
Juni 2006

Pardon me, but I am absolutely Newbie in the field, but it is this:

I wanted a Divx file fitted with a second soundtrack, and thought to myself, but alas that is designed with Adobe Premiere. I go to the colleagues who lend me the outside of the Company from (who himself has not much like this plan and can thus far only the simplest things, so I ask potter here) and begin to see at.

I sit 3 hours tuned in to two audio tracks get synchronized, then eat me but Aufgefallen following: Whenever I want exporiteren the files is only the top soundtrack and since I have no picture. If I with the Adobe Media Encoder Exporitere here, while I picture, however, synonymous only one soundtrack and black nen rand (about the movie so I could at least export the movie with the original soundtrack, which I had in fact adjusted so that the Third triggered synchronous. After that I could then the third soundtrack with another program to add, just stop disturbing the black edge. Besides, I do not really know what settings I use when s.besten). Premiere can even create AVI files with 2 Tomspuren? It would at least be super if someone would help me, and would ne simple solution, without me there again 3 hours must dransitzen to get around the sync:) Had a shame if the whole work would have been in vain.

Thanks schonmal, and greeting

Antwort von CrashDummy:

Oh yes, I'd forgotten: I would like to jump so synonymous Export as DVD player, but in my calculator here not have a DVD Burner. Can I somehow write an image synonymous with premiere?

Antwort von fragile:

The AVI container format supported my knowledge, only 1 audio track ... do you think he want me out of the two tracks in premiere of a mix? AVI can only manage 2 streams in the file or?

Antwort von CrashDummy:

I had xvid avis with 2 audio tracks. well, I do not really no preference whether ne ne avi or dvd comes out. I want to stop then s.end the film with 2 audio tracks on dvd have an engl udn a German

Antwort von steveb:

for Videokonforme DIVX DVD is rather difficult. The conversion / encoding to MPEG2 will probably look grauselich .... Why do not you 2 types of video CDs. The option to choose two audio tracks may be more likely be "unimportant" as a reasonably useful picture quality ... right?

Antwort von CrashDummy:

I actually use often and XviD's divxs out to make dvds, andthe quality is almost always acceptable, therefore, of the fit it all;)

Antwort von steveb:

what kind of source material then you using? Of TV movies, Selbstgefilmtes?

Antwort von mkrawietz:

ausm tv is recorded digitally

Antwort von steveb:

And why as Divx format? Does that make sense? If you like it will save as an MPEG, you have to make hardly any editing work?

Antwort von CrashDummy:

as I said, I am actually relatively no preference format in which I have endeffdekt it in, the main thing the two audio tracks are there: D if I adover encoder with the export as mpeg, but I've only one tonspur and the black edge

Antwort von Markus:


without offering a real solution to, I want to draw attention to a serious problem of the DivX compression: If you are the reconversion File, Picture and sound not usually run more synchronously.

Your project is synonymous with this restriction still interesting?

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