Infoseite // Music Film DVD authoring - how, how?

Frage von MilzPaul:

Maybe someone can help with basic question:

I want to create of my band recording (avi, 13GB), a DVD, when can I play not only the film but synonymous can select individual tracks (which I naturally equipped with markers? And I want to display in a menu ).

How do I do that - and - Is there a suitable freeware authoring program (or any other recommendation that topic)?

Many Thankx!


Antwort von tommyb:

Experiment with DVDLab. Of this there is a trial version of the 30 days running. So you can easily create a proper DVD with menu and all the bells and turn.

Ifs should be simple, it is synonymous with the stuff from the DVD-NERO-thick package.


Antwort von Vegas9:

I want to create of my band recording (avi, 13GB) DVD ...

This requires the AVI footage from the tape (I assume it includes DV) are exported to MPEG2 ...

when can I play not only the film, but can select individual tracks synonymous ...

To this end, the film earlier in the editing program that can be subdivided,
that (Chapter) markers (see program help) this book precisely determined by s.The desired position to be set and labeled.

How do I do das ..

Come again to editing program.
For most NLEs function to create a burning of DVDs is there. As it is applied is in the assistance.
Conveniently, you can thus begin to create the DVD from the timeline out without pre-rendering) export (.


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