Infoseite // Music Video Competition - 5000 British pound to win

Frage von frontalier:


because I am here so often to help my own premiere editing have brought, I think there are certainly a few of which you are interested:

The British band Marillion has a video competition online. could watch the latest song for free download.

Furthermore, you can make your own video (basically whatever you want) and then in the whole youtube upload. The winner gets 5000 pounds, are the critical hits / views, not the band will decide the winners!

everything else here


Antwort von minidv:

"The critical hits / views, not the band will decide the winner!"

Na super ... Sowas mag ich ja .. But anyway thanks for the link.


Antwort von smooth-appeal:

Since gaining some spam asshole the video with nothing to do and the tape is pleased that many impressions - Well ...


Antwort von raymaker:

If I make a tape, I would do the same.

How else do you get the video for 5000 pounds? Since not even the cheapest packs agency in the world.


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