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Frage von john3:

just because I'm here in the forum and incidentally, just finished the MTV.Awards gone: It ran just above video - dier title is probably about 1 year old or so (?) The video I've just seen Abeer.
It seems as if the singer while shooting the whole time on the ground (grass, ground stone, sand etc is withdrawn, in between them stoößt ien s.die few balls roll away ...)
uh, sorry for my stupid, why is there youtube?

does anybody get an idea how to do that?


Antwort von PowerMac:

I think it was on a blue screen filmed, for example on a plate and it was by any technique her hair moves. The plate was easily agitated easily stored and moved it already does. Then of course, good clean backgrounds and made the whole thing, for example, in Shake with other video footage together, shadow, vertical movements are added, the light at the course adapted keyframes, etc.


Antwort von Chezus:

Can be synonymous, but that it was even easier to solve, such as Jamiroquais - Virtual Insanity

I find on the Internet but not synonymous making of fix


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