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Frage von EightRocks:

Moin moin together.

I stand there in front of a question that I unfortunately do not synonymous by hours of googling could answer.

Following situation:
I will produce a DVD for a dance school to see the choreography of some well-known songs are. The whole is to be built as a training video for beginners, in order to attract new customers. The DVD will be sold at local festivals and events.

Now I am faced with the question of how it looks with the Music. I once read somewhere that music is not licensed for training films must. I think that is dangerous, however, for superficial knowledge.
Does anyone know of let you know how there looks like the legal position?

Schonmal Thanks in advance.


Antwort von Jott:

"I think, however, for dangerous half-knowledge."

Indeed. Hands off.


Antwort von Alikali:

"Eight Rocks" wrote: Does anyone know of let you know how there looks like the legal position? Yes, of course: A lawyer.

These are the types that may make legal in Germany.
What any Spack spawn in the forums this is only half-knowledge and this is how you have correctly identified dangerous.

Maybe that is:

or this:
helpful to get next to the house search.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

Nothing against the tip with the lawyer, but actually it is quite obvious that you music, so if the center is like a dance choreography, not just use Sun To find out whether I should go with three per thousand in red on a traffic light, I need to consult not only synonymous a lawyer for traffic ;-)
Easier and cheaper it is the way with a request to the GEMA. Their response can be read as synonymous already right here: # 440 456


Antwort von EightRocks:

Thank you, just something I needed. Habs unfortunately only about the search not found.
So I'll share my views with my clients together and discuss the way forward.

Thanks again for the link.


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