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Frage von florianst:

I want a project to turn a music video. The protagonists are not singers, and the song just runs in the playback.
I would then record the song several times and later in Vegas Zusammenschneiden via multi-cam editing. The audio track would be the original song.

This I still have questions:
My Camera (; Panasonic HDC SD 100) offers the possibility of "Digital Cinema", that is recording with 25 frames per second. Should I use the music video? I think it looks professional, but the picture is no longer stop running so smoothly.
Also, I do not know how to illuminate the scene later. Rather bright, so I can turn down the brightness later s.PC, or rather dark?
And how should I rework the colors afterwards s.PC s.besten so later, the video looks like a real music video?
Do you know any else have any tips & tricks?

Thank schonmal!


Antwort von Mink:

Light is good.

I filmed my first HD music video rotation Bühnenperformace a rather dark and still thinking that although it looks a bit dark in the viewfinder, but is already .... The material I could kloppen in the bin. Because ... turn up is extremely difficult in hindsight:)


Antwort von florianst:

Okay, thanks for the tip! I still needed effects, how can I make the video into a real music video, in terms of color editing, or other effects. And what's with my 25p mode?


Antwort von Mink:

So in turn, I make what I rauskriege relatively well-lit neutral pictures. The effects and color correction will come later. (In effect, when I began it) then I usually try to do around it.

When giving advice about securities is difficult. There is no one recipe for special music videos moderately different styles.

Depending on what you want you have to choose again, or ask more specific.

And sometimes a thought for 25p .... but without guarantee.

In 50i MIXES AND you can de-interlace and then you get even in post-production of 50 half-50 (; interpolated) frames?? Or is that now all wrong?


Antwort von B.DeKid:


The 25 p mode, you can look at Schenck, it does not matter.

Given the post-Heller is always mandatory.

Effects are a dime and make a video s.Meer synonymous not just better.


I would simply turn and then next time look, much can be learned only from experience.

B. DeKid


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