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Frage von andrej:

Hi, since you, my dear ladies and gentlemen, to my video carefully, I would like a music video for comments and criticisms are pure.

Was with a colleague some years ago produced the first ever.

Thanks as always in advance



Antwort von hazuki:

Unötig lot of cuts in the pedestrian zone and generally very boring. Running blöd halt the countryside and their bizarre song croak around. From a drama not to mention.


Antwort von hazuki:

Thanks for visiting!


Antwort von hazuki:

I think it's not bad. Am not a specialist for music videos, but for me, fits the mood (Music-> Picture) well together.

In the Fussg.z. there are too many cuts. This I see as synonymous.

"Blöd rumlaufen," "bizarre vocal croak" .. However, senseless comments. Nix ungut but for a certain amount of respect surely heard about this.


Antwort von UlmsSkyliner:

Where's the plot?

Well, but I would nciht say that it is bad but not synonymous so good!

MfG Chris


Antwort von GMasterB:

och, I find it quite good. a tiny plot, however, would be really helpful. I like the cut but synonymous. has ne nice dynamic. sometimes I have personally witnessed the successive camera settings n tick too similar.

Conclusion: good. go ahead!


Antwort von andrej:

Hello, a thousand thanks for your contributions! At first meeting, we have beautiful story to the video out, while filming (p.3 days within one month) then comb slightly different cut at the idea and it came to that, what you have seen.
So, for me, after 2 years, the "film" too many cuts, too much color, too much effects.

Next is to make proper tip

Thanks again



Antwort von MartinMcFly:

Hey this is Frankfurt! ;)
Have almost all the filming locations recognized.

I think otherwise more cuts better than too few.
But they make the pedestrian zone in a very disorderly impression.
the whole is very disorganized and haphazard. Camera and lighting could be better.
Ansonten like its predecessor have said, go ahead. Is not a disaster


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