Infoseite // Mux rate and video bit rate will change for better quali too ?????

Frage von Mkr:

Moin ihr freaks :-)

So nen homemade clips of a buddy got to the dan SVCD burned with Nero as is and then delete it ....

So now the girlfriend wanted to watch a synonymous, and they unfortunately have only nen old dvd players vcd's only reads ........

Soo'm just s.den settings to convert ....

S.Qualität as little as possible but wanted to SVCD lose .....
If I of (MPEG1) 352 * 288 put on (MPEG2) 480 * 576 or greater than the film itself will??

've noticed that the default rate of Mux Mpeg1 to 1.4% of the stands and Mpeg 2 to 5.6 is
have the mux rate in Mpeg 1 of the MPEG 2 (5.6% complete) and thus, the larger file
can someone tell me what the mux rate effect and whether it makes sense it would represent 5.6% to??

And it brings the video of what bitrate MPEG1 (1150) of the MPEG2 (put 2376) on ???????

Thanks and srry for the long text ;-))))))


Antwort von Peter S.:

When the player reads VCD only, then only in conformity with the standard settings: 352x288, 25 frames per second, 16bit stereo 44.1 Khz, 1150 kbs. Everything else is just a waste of time.
MFG Peter


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