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Mein Rechner für die flüssige HD-Bearbeitung...FUNKTIONIERT!

My Calculator for the liquid HD editing ... WORKS!

Frage von AbsoluterBeginner:
März 2011

My Calculator for the liquid HD editing

There are many threads with the topic "How much power does a PC to edit High Definition_Material reasonable?". I was also author of such threads. Often you get the seemingly inevitable response "MAC". But I was determined to assemble a suitable machine, which costs despite high-quality components only a fraction of Apple's monster.
I hope that this thread of people is found, just google the MAC through a jungle of commendations and Hardware-Vermutungen/Hypothesen.
I have the following composition in collaboration with a fellow computer scientist, set (which, unfortunately, with Editor, but not familiar).
Many a component is perhaps over-qualified or simply unnecessary and certainly there are others working synonymous constellations. Yet it works.

It is with this calculator is not a problem, native HD footage with Premiere Pro CS5 and edit in real time (; preview and full resolution) display. Come ins are used, such as "Magic Bullet Looks, you have to pre-render previews for liquid short clip in question, that has to do more but I think with the program than with the computing power of PCs. According to Resource Monitor "bored" during its fact several gigabytes of RAM and a large part of the processor, because they bob around unused.
Only my waiver of Solid State Drives presses the "Windows Experience Index", make the point "storage medium" away, missed my calculator the maximum value by only 0.2 points.
But enough of text, we come to the hard facts:

GraKa: Sapphire HD6870 1GB
CPU: Intel Core i7-950 4x3066Mhz
Fan: Noctua NH-U12P HXLU08 SE2 1366/1156
Motherboard: Asus X58 SABERTOOTH
PSU: 550W Cougar CMX550W
Case: Antec Three Hundred Mid Tower
to 12GB of RAM and 2TB of hard drive space (; 1x 1TB, 1x500GB, 2x250GB)

That such a generous cooling system was installed, was s.meinem computer. He also insisted on the graphics card of Sapphire belong to and to leave the competition in mind. Also in case he was also high. Here, however, I have decided on a midi tower, which, while offering less space, but it costs only a third and equally high quality is.
All in all, I met with an OEM version of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit to 1200 just over ¬. The assembly would again cost ¬ 79 extra. This cost me I could save money with my computer scientist, however.
The cost of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks are of course synonymous not included. It should be noted, however, that the calculator in my case the most favorable position in terms of "HD editing" was. Software and Camera cost much more. The purchase of a Mac would have changed this ratio somewhat.

I hope that this detailed thread has helped one or the other and am happy to answer your questions!

Antwort von doclike:


I would block for a new cut-PC only the new Sandy Bridge. 2500k is the i5 with the appropriate board on a good 4.5 GHz in the OC. With Sapphire, I've only been made and the experience was a very loud HD 4850, then went back again synonymous. To be limited only to Sapphire is rubbish, because the decision is very dependent on model.
Motherboard when I put on most Gigabyte, synonymous for Dual BIOS and so far only because I had good experiences. But that is how many of taste.
Your sharing of hard disks I do not only entirely.

The advantage of SSDs I've not yet understood. These are far too small. If I is then re-save my raw nerve on "slow" magnetic disk and need to read, then but the advantage there?

I think it is more like it with 800 ¬. If any case and power supply already exists.

Antwort von coyut:

In connection with Pr CS5 I would definitely not an Nvidia card and installed an AMD model. Then you could activate the Mercury engine and would be synonymous with Magic Bullet and Co work better: o)

Glueing one too many color corrections, etc. on it is of course synonymous sometime back end.

Technical Note:

Most current AGP card can be activated by a small trick. Even if they are not in the officially supported list.
The only requirement is that the card with more than 896MB Memory Cuda cores has and has min, DDR3 memory. DDR2 memory is not supported!
Fulfill this requirement but most of the Nvidia cards s.dem mid-price segment. Even a 540M Notebook GPU, which currently is often built into the new middle office sandy bridge notebooks, I could activate.

In addition, I would be careful to only block with 7200rpm hard disks. . The Seagate Momentus XT, 7200rpm, 32MB, 2.5 ", 500GB, SATA-II hybrid drive I have had very good experiences with this drive features 4GB of flash cache: o)
SSD's would obviously be better, but then push the price still violently upwards. Alternatively you can of course synonymous use an SSD for swap files, o)

Antwort von AbsoluterBeginner:

Right, I have yet to mention: 7200rpm, at least the system and plates have the raw material. Then I have taken synonymous. And I have a physical separation of compliance software and raw material.

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