Infoseite // My PC does not create the video editing

Frage von duke777:

Although I have seen some threads here that address the topic, only because I see that I actually have ne good hardware, but big problems with s.habe premire pro and when I film editing and cutting. especially if I with 1920 x 1080 / 50 p - hd receiving, then jerky so much that I even can handle anything. if I 50i with receiving, then it goes, but if I want to quickly jump back and forth sometimes, of one minute at minute 5 (geschweidedem I once a 30 minute film) - Set I often get cut when green, or the preview is etc.
in a thread I've read several hard drives that I'm going to make plays, that's ever a good tip.

my pc:
8gb ram
amd dual core 3.2 ghz
sapphire radeon hd 6850 5ddr

someone can give me info on this?



Antwort von duke777:

ne info yet, have looked grad knows obs does not help, have even 4 x 3.2 ghz - quad core ...


Antwort von joerg-emil:

Hi Duke,
there are missing simply added too much information, the exact name of the CPU, operating system, 32 or 64 bit, and, and, and ... I'll have get a clear view of current CPUs with, maybe you'll see there got your back. .. (just ignore the red crosses) ... only as a rough guide ...

Gruss Jörg Emil


Antwort von duke777:

Windows 7 - 64 bit version

8gb ram

amd athlon (tm) II 955 processor 3.2 ghz x4


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