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Mein Projekt / Kurzfilm Audi S4 Feedback

My Project / Short Film Audi S4 feedback

Frage von Cello0200:
Dezember 2009

My second project!

Asking for constructive criticism


Antwort von musicmze:

I really like, especially the first part.
Only the shaky camera is sometimes not so good (do not know if that is desired)

Antwort von joerg-emil:

Hi Cello0200,

despite the very successful shots, it will quickly dull look at, it just happens .... too little of cinematic content, I can only salute, horny light, nice view, quiet camera shots, cool effects ... but I think a total of just too long. The pros and credits could be much scarcer in the material ... I would try to make time nen properly crunchy 1.30min - Spot ...

... maybe it is synonymous, but because I am absolutely not a car enthusiast ...

Gruss Jörg-Emil

Antwort von Cello0200:

Erstmal Danke:)

I personally think it's synonymous a little too long!

Before-and shorter guy, I will then hold the next video,
even though I own the guy very much: /

If, however, unfortunately not:)

About other opinions I would be very grateful!

So you do not know how it goes, but I can judge my own work bad!

Gruß Marcel

Antwort von pilskopf:

Eh come into fashion is at least 20 seconds of a movie with preload documented. Ich sags mal so, I do not like it and turn normally s.wenn anyone considers himself so important. At least I feel that as a foreign audience, does not interest me at all who made it, that I may be interested when I saw the video, so the guy wanted to hear the producer, but before a film is completely unnecessary imo unless you already have a Names are drawn, then adjust and use more mags.

Beautiful pictures on every case, am not a car freak, but did you send the cart moved into the light. You have used a dolly. In the moments disturbs me that you did not fast gecuttet. The dolly stops and the picture is still visible in full. Ner with the Aperture yet soft fade to black out, I would at least do.

Too long synonymous, at least if you're going you could go a little more press on the tube.

A split screen would you fit in the scene can be, when you press the accelerator a bit and then you see the exhaust. That would have fit.

Which cam did you actually rotated? Schick.

Antwort von Cello0200:

@ Pilskopf

erstmal:) I'm not the driver:)

I came to photography through to the video and am now employs about 6 months so intense!

I have no equipment, but that will change soon!

Did this video with a Canon 500d rotated!

I have a dolly "on the fast build" himself!

@ Joerg-emil

I had once looked at your page!

Workshop I like that!

How did you get the bulb to get to the laptop??

You earn money with your work or only synonymous hobby?

Antwort von domain:

Before-and closing credits are much too long. But is a good joke: if your name appears it is believed that you just sit in the electric chair and the current is turned on. Because there are so bremselt really nicely crisp and your name shakes :-))
A hideous and desolate parking garage is lit in my opinion, incidentally, not the place for a presentation.

Antwort von pilskopf:

I found the garage fits. Has the car not identified what I mean.

Antwort von Cello0200:

Would stop shortly once my first project here!

But pros and credits are synonymous lang: / / /

Therefore it is not boring as I think:)

Antwort von joerg-emil:

@ Cello0200

... well thank you for the flowers ;-)

... the idea with the bulb I had was just twisted than anything and I will post the reingebastelt in ... nen Stillimage exported from the video, the environment of the original apple blue made, built from the apple, pear, and then ne ner with the mask blue box mixed into the video ....

.... no, I do not deserve that money, I write while s.and s.eine bill, but the revenue to finance spending my not so long ...

... I earn money as an accountant, but because creativity is not quite so in demand, so I prefer tobe me in the direction of the hobby from ..;-)

Antwort von Cello0200:

@ Joerg-emil

Please Please!

Accountant I was once synonymous: / now I'm in the steel trade, and make my way in business!

A lot of time at the moment I have unfortunately not new to my hobby: (

Your videos are already better than me!

As far as I'm in the post, unfortunately, not yet: (
It is indeed synonymous, not many useful things on the Internet: (
But I try my best!

What program do you work?

Blue Box, unfortunately, now tell me nothing! But with the pear is, and I immediately noticed it was really good!

Antwort von Boles:

Personally, I find the video 1A.

***** Stars!
Really succeeded!

Antwort von Mink:

By 3:30 it since it first from the garage (???) and will not even pretty extended and where the Motorgefauche?? Is!

Why the driver is so featured? It still comes to the car .... I would have done almost as if the thing no driver is needed ... The evil machine (as it were black, set to music car ... hehe) ... And then out into the street .... Garage tzzzz!

I fands lame .... Optics I find generally OK but nothing special ... ... the songs are good.

Antwort von Cello0200:

@ Mink


Helps me not really but ok next!

Video peeped to the end?
That was part 1 of 2

Motorgefauche? If only one S4: / no R8;)))

May I make a work of synonymous you see?

Antwort von Buchungszeichen:

When I saw the video, I thought it was rather a photo-reportage with some movie scenes. You write in the thread of your DSLR, the nature of the film probably s.besten explains. You have some very beautiful settings of the vehicle and the Tonarrangements are quite good, but at the embassy, which will transport the film, I'm not so entirely with:

black car, empty parking garage, steps = dangerous?

Content, I think the issue addressed very flat - of a video I'm expecting a message or I can look at me like a high gloss catalog of Audi.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Mal ne Frage .... the first 1:50 of the photographs or? Animated?


In the end, the 266 that are displayed or? I know in Viersen only 2 to 3 sections where you can pull a vehicle - and 266 run - before?! "THE CAR" - so I do not - with even more bike nem ;-)

Please to explain ;-)


Video is good - Without a driver, it would really be better.

The game with the curb at the driveway, I found it good.
The speedometer sequence - I had to run nen nen bissel bissel faster is somehow too slow - for my "bike shaped taste" ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von Mink:

Why this does not help next?
I have a've said two things that I would do differently) (contents.

Where is the 2nd Part? You mean what comes after 3:30 yet? Find ich nich just synonymous sufficiently exciting to compensate for the waiting time in the underground car park. ;)

Between the lines I've synonymous said that it takes too long to what happened and until then nothing happens great and overall I find it a little bit boring and orginelle and this must be synonymous with nich nem V6 S4.

Visually it's ok to smoke and synonymous stories in the title, I find beautiful.

Had you thought of what you before You turn or was that spontaneous?

From me, there is unfortunately nothing to see.

Antwort von Cello0200:

@ B. DeKid

The video I've made for the driver and in my opinion is with the elevator and so quite cool!

In the end, these are photos!

The 266 we drove on the highway and the video we have rotated in Dusseldorf!

But the thing goes, I believe synonymous only 250! Speedo shows but 266, and then concludes:)!

Will not deflect synonymous in my videos! That is why I left the acceleration so!

My first video has more or less a theme and a name synonymous! TRAINING DAY

Will you then I think I like better!

Attempt reinzustellen it today!

Antwort von Cello0200:

@ Mink

Part 2 is not rotated! With my new camera:)))

I wanted to finish this project this year and because of the weather I have then selected the car park!

GEP 15 Dusseldorf

After choosing the location, I then made me think and it's really grown up to the final as I had imagined!

Spontaneous was just the place out!

Part 2 is coming in the spring:) Unfortunately, you still have to wait a bit!

I stopped trying to become better and better and that's why I'm looking forward to

I do that so synonymous not so long! About 6 months now!

If it is like the optical schonmal good:)

Bin eh assumed that I will slaughter here: / bin halt Beginners and must still learn a lot!

Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


So I think the thing cool. Reminds me s.eine mix of commercial and "Transporter". Maybe you should write to the Film Society and Audi times. You never know what will come of it.
Tell me, is our "pre-keyed" smoke s.Schluß? Or am I mistaken?



Antwort von domain:

If you want to get better, then let time to 90% of all sterile After Effects and other Schnittmätzchen away (we s.denen us have been so sated) and condense the pictorial statement by history, Kadrage, Lighting and Directing.
Talent you have, certainly, but it's still a hell of way next to a certain professionalism.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Thanks for the reply.

Well 240 - that sounds better - yes, the car synonymous comprehensible - if it takes synonymous synonymous always somehow ne eternity until the stand on the odometer - imo ;-)


Nevertheless, I'd like to know whether the photos - especially in the interior. What you have animated.


Smoke can do so synonymous Lutz ;-) As to your PreKeyed things are synonymous only conditionally good enough - times when smoke and fire, water, dust, etc. want to have Lutz - whether real footage (Stillimage / film), or 3D - may I thee mal ne mail nen server and switch access - something I now collect together for years ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von Cello0200:

@ Lutz Dieckmann

Many, many thanks erstmal!

Yes is your:)

Some time ago I accidentally came across your page!
Since then I have downloaded the smoke and the moon!

I've looked at your whole synonymous tutorials!

Could there much synonymous with movies when I get a DSLR!
Thanks for that! Weiter so!

I ordered a DVD almost daily light:) I Do!

How exactly did you do that with the smoke??

I have not really got it right and was very pleased with the download!

In the search came after I moved synonymous on your page!

Gruß Marcel

Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:

Hi Marcel,

I am very glad. I think it's always nice when people use our footage showing synonymous, that it is not set free. Check out the tutorial "Much ado about nothing", it says there is how we did it.



An example DeKid: That I would be delighted to let it send by mail times.

Antwort von Cello0200:

@ B. DeKid

Can I have of what your collection:)))

Please, Please!

I think your question was misunderstood!

I've got nothing Animated! Inside I have with my homemade dolly rotated everything! Otherwise, are the still pictures or photos!

I hope I can answer it now!

If not, write / put the exact time!

Antwort von Jake the rake:

For fire and smoke, I am recommending for years:

Antwort von Cello0200:

As promised, my first video!

Oops! Before-and long synonymous guy: /


Antwort von PowerMac:

Scharch ... Yawn. Oh, I'm asleep. Is what they have happened since any car pictures for minutes replaced the opening credits?

Antwort von Cello0200:

@ Powermac

Klingeling ...... awake??

Constructive be super:)

Antwort von Buchungszeichen:

"Cello0200" wrote:
As promised, my first video!

Oops! Before-and long synonymous guy: /


Technically speaking, was your first movie imo better. The camera work and I like that synonymous settings. What I lack is the blond haircut as co-driver. Even a Straßenrennenfake would reingepasst well in your film (with a manta ray or against a GTI), then after a close up of a Dandelion by the asphalt breaks so with (artificial) morning dew or similar, and hey presto you had a content s.dem filing is to be next ...

Antwort von B.DeKid:

LOL - that was a constructive ;-)


Picture settings or feeling is here!

Locations such as cheaper land and roads Kreissel are scrap!

Following shot - make your time with Walkie Talkie - would do better than that.

Otherwise, you can still have - little too much "TFatF" gekuckt - fit but .... Only atrial locations and so roads Idyll really fit or not?


.... I schicks times nem NE Friend, The only way synonymous go "boxes", otherwise I will stay here
"Nen Lada, a trailer and 2 bikes - KTM 520s ne ne .... and as SuperMoto 900 CBR Frame with nem Bandit 1200s as a street bike .... with steering damper and 3 / 4 Shield '

Conclusion of this statement .... If intressieren 4 wheels.

Quasi, what Powermac synonymous already said ;-)

B. DeKid

"Accountants rum" and then hang with Autoschraubern and rotate the avatar videos, ok ;-)

Antwort von Cello0200:

@ B. DeKid

Was an accountant:)

By car, the boy can order!
Did for my first video a search of his vehicle synonymous with can handle!

We drove synonymous motorcycle:)!

What is it with your collection? :)

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