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Frage von clemento:
November 2007

Dear slashcam,

passive I am here already a little longer on the way:)
at least I'd show you my recent projects
You may find things / one or the other so s.meinen like:

koalsn www.youtube.com /

the first 4 are new, the rest is old cheese;)

have fun:)

www.vimeo.com / Clemente
there are new things!

Antwort von Axel:

very good, your stuff. Much has one of the idea, seen somewhere else (for example, "game of tons), but not as much of the works effectively ago. My favorites are "solitary soul" and "the dream".

Antwort von oguzguenes:

Very creative work - everything!
Thank you for sharing!

Antwort von Nacho:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Very creative work - everything!
Thank you for sharing!

I was a guest ...

Antwort von clemento:

I am fine!
thank you for the flowers:)

Antwort von btsroller:

have you made a good film paat small Clemente ;-)

stylish uconpulli btw

Antwort von gedanke:

"Game of tons" is great:)

Antwort von v1ctr0:

Really very good!

Cam With what you've filmed and edited the with which software?

Antwort von UlmsSkyliner:

"Thought" wrote:
"Game of tons" is great:)

Sounds cool!
Cool idea, good execution!

Antwort von shakira:

I have the newer with the canon xl2 included the elderly with a small Sony DV camera (; unfortunately even know what that was nothing around for a model)
I have worked with adobe premiere all, to 6 times per version 2.0 now

Antwort von clemento:

've uploaded a new video:

White & the nixie

is unfortunately very bad quality, youtube ...

Antwort von Axel:

Andreas_Kiel = Andreas Janke from Kiel? Thank you for a few exciting minutes ;-)

Antwort von clemento:

jep axel:)
and many thanks!

Antwort von clemento:

new application video for a university
topic is flotsam
Take a look at your high qaulität


Critique is always liked to hear:)

Antwort von weitwinkel:

is not something flotsam stranded?
You can of course be transferred to much but somehow
not really waste onto or over the topic was not so ...
Greeting cj

Antwort von clemento:

hm yes that is synonymous my apprehension, but I wanted to see flotsam in a broader sense ...
the recurrent Coke can (; in the form of floating debris) is to represent the anti-globalization

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

Autriche: douze points :-)))
Greet you, so again have a very fine film online! The box could be perhaps a little more form the central theme.

Best regards,

Antwort von Axel:

You will hopefully reach if I synonymous, frankly, think that one of your weaker films.
I will try to justify it. You have a talent for inventing images. You have a talent for it, "moments" at which you have talent for it to leave some to develop visual language, you have a knack for auszuklügeln the appropriate techniques.
All of this can "succession" is available here. What is not missing, but less well to come off, is the overarching idea. The intro promises a collage on the themes that appears, and this is synonymous. But what I start it? Should I meditate on the futility of solid waste? Seems so, but there is not much friction in the film. I thought after almost every cut, "Na and". Only this garbage truck had it done to me, I would have liked to seen it yet rumfährt a while. Beautiful machine. People, listen to not throw away soda cans (; in Germany for the most part anyway collected, because of the can deposit) is to make it next garbage mountains!

Antwort von clemento:

hey people,
many thanks for your reviews!
and thanks for the nice words synonymous doing good to hear:)

The video is in the first line as a video application designed on a given topic: flotsam

I wanted something, I hope, of lifting the other competitors and therefore have the theme in a somewhat broader sense seen.
but the video is to stimulate thinking synonymous and therefore has something synonymous interpretation.
solutions for environmentally friendly waste disposal, I have unfortunately not synonymous, if I had I should probably start another line of work, but I've used with the chance to give the video a little food for thought;)

thanks you
lg Clemens

Antwort von clemento:

so first hurdle survived'm invited to the admission interview - now cut off as well and I am still taken for MultiMediaArt fachhochschule!
I do have a little showreel of my last videos edited together:



Antwort von clemento:

so am once again annoying;)
therefore I recorded in the fh MultiMediaArt for: D
great place thank you again s.dieser s.andreas;)

now something else: a short film festival I have here a small zusammengestöpselt spot was the theme of globalization, environment and future opportunities ...
duration max. 30 seconds.
suits my previous video, so I've just used the same material, so do not be surprised;)
So old material re-edited, like the outro s.besten me!
I do a spot series, a total of 3 pieces - this is the first part
s.besten click again to high quality:

I spot


Antwort von Axel:

Many of the nice ideas are not in this version of course, but she comes to the point. Not only data can be compressed. The individual images are so clear, that the meaning can be immediately detected that you have to say: The shorter version is better.

Antwort von clemento:

thank you axel:)

Original of Clemente

I do a spot series, a total of 3 pieces

And here follows the second spot

I proudly present:
pacman vs gloman
As usual, your gaze on high quality

all things were created in my beloved after effects!
have fun:)

have now reviewed the video, the fish were replaced and in addition I have a little "camera movement" built-in - hope it is now understood

Antwort von Axel:

Class. I've never played Pacman. Is it normal that the macrophages to switch between the colors? One seemed to me a while to look like the Shell logo.

Antwort von clemento:

yes really rules:)
So pac-man or glo-man (; globalization-man), that is, the big multinational companies (; Cola, Shell, starbucks, ronald mcdonald or mcdonalds etc) eat all the little fish on, but the fish can be seen not so much really or?
small fish meant colloquially ne
and again it should be mentioned that this spot is a contributing short film festival has become a running theme in which the "globalization, environment and future opportunities" is


Antwort von Prinzregent:

Could you not him nennnen Glob-Man? I have not seen the video until I read your post but maybe did with the background of the globalization theme meant it

Antwort von clemento:

hm I'll possibly change the original still
thanks for the feedback!

Antwort von clemento:

hello people,

've uploaded a new video to celebrate is the day.

lg cle

Antwort von KSProduction:

"Clemente" wrote:
Dear slashcam,

passive I am here already a little longer on the way:)
at least I'd show you my recent projects
You may find things / one or the other so s.meinen like:

koalsn www.youtube.com /

the first 4 are new, the rest is old cheese;)

have fun:)

also ich finds very well done!

Antwort von clemento:

hello again,

got my youtube channel added to an animation:
4 seasons in 4 minutes


lg cle

Antwort von clemento:

small video installation, taken with my new 5d mark II:)

room of wax

Antwort von clemento:

my first tilt-shift video, rotated in Lucerne, Munich and Innsbruck
included with the 5DMarkII

Operation: Toyland

ps: I do not have tilt-shift lens is so faked in ae

Antwort von clemento:

hello people,

my latest work:

abstract was

my first video which was on the home featured vimeo:)


Antwort von Axel:

If so, how to actually load anything of Vimeo?
I'd like to see the 'big screen Ner ...

Antwort von Kino:

"Axel" wrote:
If so, how to actually load anything of Vimeo?
I'd like to see the 'big screen Ner ...

The original source is 1280x720 so recently just a week after the upload is available, the author allows.

The flv file you get by with Safari: alt + apple + a (; activity indicator), then alt + double click on the largest offered File (; = download)

Antwort von shipoffools:

Good for you! Tip my hat.
Highly creative - From you you will hear a lot ...

Antwort von Axel:

Movies @
Thanks for the tip. Could the upload file (and it is this?) 1920 x 1080; download (AVC coding, 30 fps, 35 Mbps, interesting when you know that it was material 5D). Thanks, of course, synonymous s.Clemento for release. Have then the "flv" (; H.264, 23.98 fps) load. Ülkig, üklig.

Antwort von nicecam:

"Axel" wrote:
... How to actually load anything of Vimeo? ...

For example, with the real player (and if you got it), or a screen capture program such as Windows Media Encoder SnagIt, etc.

Antwort von Axel:

"Nicecam" wrote:
"Axel" wrote:
... How to actually load anything of Vimeo? ...

For example, with the real player (and if you got it), or a screen capture program such as Windows Media Encoder SnagIt, etc.

Yes, I knew of YouTube this: With MpegStreamclip> Open URL> Download.

Movies of the method shown I can, however, appear to download each stream. Try instead the "apple" the CTRL or CMD.

Antwort von clemento:

hello, dear slashcam,

I need your support.
have a short video my competitive "abstract" was filed and would ask you to vote for me:)


Registration takes only 10 seconds

many thanks!

Antwort von clemento:

small update, have placed a few new videos on vimeo

star timelapse with the 5DMII


Antwort von pilskopf:


Let those annoying Whoosh, bomba and uiiiiiiiii sound effects off, which are annoying and only seem to concentrate on pushing and a sense of your videos. One might just think to distract, they do synonymous.

Antwort von clemento:

that video of you talking about?
Do you mean "color"?
This has been a pure exercise history for my motion graphics course, is synonymous in the description but because it was more to stop practicing with the after effects, etc. and less about the story.

Antwort von pilskopf:

I have both looked at the other one you mentioned and with precious grave but I do not mean.

For example, the stars here comes a Effect, because I almost burst the eardrum, which has a frequency that makes no fun. This is synonymous with Colors. Even if it is just an exercise, yes, you torture so that viewers like me. If I the only one with this ear problem'm ok then. I find the effects of pushing, but that should not be in the foreground and completely irrelevant. Your effects are too loud. I think. Or is the frequency which is so painful.

Antwort von clemento:

hmm do so will hurt the sound does not, which was not intended.
I wanted to experiment a little.
I am student and do not have access to large sound archive, I have accessed freesound.org.
other people here feel the sound synonymous for disturbing?

yet ne pils head wondering which video with a "grave" do you think?
I notice none of this to me.

Antwort von pilskopf:

Sorry, the grave was indeed with the Snowy or whatever his name, did right.

Antwort von DWUA:

"Clemente" wrote:

... Other people here feel the sound synonymous for disturbing?

No, not at all.

Antwort von clemento:

Here again what fresh,


Antwort von clemento:

something new,
small taste of our upcoming short film


Antwort von DWUA:

our eyes (; and ears) like your very strong personal style
(; Of "tilt-shift" - Toyland about Color to macro Kingdom /
Late Autumn Garden) and love to be surprised of new ideas.
Even if it's because "philosophically" should be, -
are curious to see how you solipsism in your imagery
translated. A taste so you have just given ...


Antwort von clemento:

Thanks DWUA

here a new experimental macro video
included with the 5dmark II and the luppenobjektiv mp-e 65mm


Antwort von PowerMac:

Your things are good. With you I will abschauen ideas.

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