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Mein Konzept für den ersten Film

My concept for the first film

Frage von BananaDragon:
Juli 2007

So, I did my first "bigger" film project started. Previously I was with video clips and music without limits.

The story I have in part already in the head. Now I must find a beginning nurnoch.

I wanted to first write down the story. With notes on camera settings, cuts, etc. (I think it's important these things very involved with the beginning of, because if I make up a story and later noticed that I did not at the means to implement story synonymous is bitter).

After I've finished the story, I would devote the storyboard. Ie me filming locations and the basis of looking for photos to create a storyboard.

As a conclusion of the pre-production, I would then put on a real script (how to make something I have not, but I will Sichler yet to find).

Then it is connected to rotate. You need to have one, I do not say very much. Ich mach mir synonymous no illusions that I am a technically high-quality film can create. These missing me just Equiptment (Clever Cam, sound equipment, light suitcases). But nevertheless I think it important first to gain experience.

The post-production then I do in the usual way with Final Cut Express, or if I had it until then FCS or Adobe Production Premium Suite CS3.

My question s.die experienced people is this: Is this a meaningful statement, or can you give me tips to improve the organization enter?

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


First, the idea that in mind next execute. (Without worrying about the means to do once only dream of!)

Then write down the idea. Then execute next.

Then write the script. Then revise and execute next.

The newest script version to print. Then camera notes with a pencil and write about work.

Then the camera settings and your ideas to produce a storyboard. Should other people the storyboard to face (some sponsors), it is important to use the script as possible to look professional. There are synonymous professional storyboard illustrator, which you then any drawing into a laminate and silver frame girt. (Beginners usually just want to make allowances in order to be known, it is possible with 100 ¬ very good live.)

Then consider whether you have the means to implement cinematic script. Do you think this is not, you have to improvise, script or storyboard, together with (s.dieser first place) so change that you still understand the meaning!

Then it goes off, that you are looking for sponsors. This of course you need to convince you by now you have a marketing plan thought: What do you want to achieve with the film? How will the film be sold? What audience is it addressed? Where will the film be shown?
(For low-or no-budget productions, the step with the sponsors away, the "marketing plan" is synonymous useful if you are not in the movie want to show movies)

Pre-production completed!

Then it s.das shooting. In the post-production you will be in your first film only once received a small shock, because the images do not look like how you did it to be. Then again, you must either filming or in the color correction.

The most important rule: do not show your unfinished film! (No sponsors, no one! Set your own appointments only when you've finished the movie and do you like this Termuine generous that you are not forced into equipment, the film someone too early to show.)

Show the movie then your whole crew and improve, if an actor has serious objections, which coincide with your idea.

Burn the movie and then drag your marketing plan.

I think the production (the shooting itself) and through the creation and marketing plan for s.Schwierigsten! Everything else is just creative work

Many greetings,

Antwort von BananaDragon:

Hi Constantin,

Thanks, that was ever very constructive and helpful. I am well aware that a Mege work given to me.

Possibly. I have a bit of the impression, a feature-length film to produzierne want, but this is not the case. I aimed at about 10-12 minutes. A short film also. By "bigger" film project said to me that it's the first time that I have a written story of me wants to filming.

I would like to achieve with the film really only experience. I would like to know how it really is a film. I think it is completely different than I introduce myself and am really looking forward to this challenge.

Thank you again for your helpful words and synonymous times you would like to ask where you have this knowledge. It is all very thought out and professionally. Are you in the movie business?

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


elbst I'm only 17 years but have seen several short films rotated. The concept itself, I have learned synonymous of professionals in various internships. That more work on one play I made my last short film noticed. I have 4 months for the pre-production that would attract sponsors and budget needed. The film has not yet been rotated.

Many greetings,

Antwort von BananaDragon:

I would have thought that you're much older, respect.

I am now 22 and still have garkeine experience. But I think it's not too late to start. How long do you have movies and maybe you can some day one or the other view somewhere?

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

I am so really since I'm 14 years old. And over the years have first started with smaller movies, the time to cut ... Eventually I wanted to learn more and am about a year since Slashcam at this!
Too late, it is never ...

Many greetings,

Antwort von luTzi:

try really only have a story to write. either the classical 3-akter, or a new structure. characters, place, action, start, end. only if you have written your story and they've read it, start with the cinematic detail work.

why? there are already too many movies, not their history, there, on the effects from are not "speck" on the rip - or are simply mist. even great action scenes work in isolation rarely, interwoven with the story and the motivation of the characters, however, they can be difficult to impress.

viel erfolg

Antwort von Axel:

It is good if the first ultra-short films. Take an ordinary situation, you perhaps just happened, think about, no: meditate on how they s.besten would dissolve in pictures, then do it in pictures, without any compromises. The images should be close to what you see on your inner TV screen've seen it all if excel.
Then plan and organize everything for the script, gffs. Storyboard, filming locations, cast, thus turning a concrete plan.
You have such a short time in a practical exercise is how film language works. Without this, all the more ambitious things botch.

As banal pointenlos and it appears, for example, someone accidentally anzurempeln to speculate whether and how he knows and finally to remember that he was the neighboring seat on a flight was: It is, as you'll remember, a pretty complex thing, so something simple to convey cinematically.

And not constructed with a success experience. But with a more accurate assessment of the challenges that you will choose.

In short: Keep it simple.

Antwort von BananaDragon:

Thanks for your hints. I think I am really just a few very, very short "movies" make.

Antwort von AÖ-Ravenation:

Only loosers here. Get yourself out nothing!

Antwort von AndyZZ:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Only loosers here. Get yourself out nothing!

Only loosers and post as a guest without a name. Pitiful ...

Antwort von BananaDragon:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Only loosers here. Get yourself out nothing!

Oh, you're right. Maybe I should filmmaking rather give me ne activity and search for a person like me who own nothing to the series gets better suited. For example, anonymous Internet unobjective and childish utterances of give me.

Antwort von saar:

It's great that you just start. The Ratsläge are only good help. Especially the comments of Axel and Constantin, meditate on the picture or dream.

I start with only 44 currently being used in. Have me a little in theory read and compatriots (with the help ;-)) facts about angles, Aperture, off / on sound, etc. and practiced with camera settings, aperture / depth Sharp Direktton.

Then I had an idea, sometimes thought about, read, spoken and written Filmexpose and then refined to mini shooting schedule, good Microsystems bought, rented good Camera.

2 days rotated and noticed the well-prepared tripod shots are much better than my Geschwenk; my protagonists intended something different, better Direktton separately should be included, with door, the man "takes" should be written down somewhere, etc. ....

Now cut and once again turn around to fill gaps, I think that with a lot of work, 120 minutes recording, synonymous film 10 minutes I can do ;-))

So take your time and have fun s.deine "error"

Nu Guts, No Glory!

Antwort von saar:

Show synonymous here look, but do not take it too seriously ..


Antwort von saar:

The narrative art, the operations, whose portrayal of the narrative content of a work in literature, theater or film, so the substance.


You can first free practice times if you like Little Red Riding Hood to take:
- A small Exposee write about your version, it was about what roles are there, what places, what cinematic genre Drama / Animation, there is a storyteller, music genre, color, atmosphere, etc.
- Lectures on the history of tape so you can examine narrative tension, here you have the text synonymous loose parts describe Little Red Riding Hood is all alone on the way into the dark forest, they carry a heavy basket with Omi's food, in the distance running of the Wolf
- The history of the division into plot lines, then sequences (places, persons, objects) with information on location, decor, costumes, props, lighting
- The individual settings skizzt, with text and sound including zbsp. Detail setting to the wolf teeth, text "Grandma, What big teeth you hate" (swelling music) Forget the Blickwechsel not.

There are about synonymous Freeware: type times <drehbuch> in google, then you will come back to Slashcam :-) Do I have never tried .. perhaps someone in the forum?

Antwort von BananaDragon:

Thank you for your many tips, saar. :)

Antwort von saar:

ya pas de quoi,

look here what the young professionals do:
Ich glaube dass gerade Jemand with den Links zur Film rumfummelt, also hier ein beispiel Film RESIGNED:
If everything works you'll find here synonymous Exposees etc.

A + saar

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