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Frage von Büschel:

Since I am a good camcorder for not too expensive looking for money, I ordered the Legria FS20. That he has a microphone jack, one reason was synonymous. The devices FS20, FS21 and FS22 are identical, except the internal memory of the 8-32GB range (; and the Canon can be royally rewarded, given the current flash prices a joke!).
The FS20 is available in a set, what about 30-40 ¬ more expensive than the camera alone and there are a mere 4GB SDHC card of Sandisk in schlabberige and a bag, the more the term "better condom" deserves.
There is still the FS200, which, however, a low-resolution chip provides, therefore, not synonymous Advanced Zoom - probably has an even poorer quality.

Among the various criteria and my experience with the FS20:

Image quality:
With a 1 / 6 "CCD, you can not expect miracles, with a 37x optical zoom are not synonymous. At least in daylight I would have hoped, but good pictures promised. This is not so. The pictures are all überschärft and show ugly artifacts (; synonymous mode with the highest quality, "XP").
The colors are good, but no longer synonymous. The sharpness is quite poor.
But just a little dreary sky camcorder delivers fairly rauschige Griesel results.
The sound is ok, you can even connect an external Micro.

Overall, the device is pretty disappointed. The videos in the dark are just lousy.
My old SonyminiDV camcorder offers the same great chip with 40x optical zoom and better quality (; sharper and more vivid colors), while he was 2 years old just as much as the Legria tasted. My cheap Samsung MX20 provides equally good as the pictures from Legria (; apart of yellow tinge with a bit too high contrast), poor lighting, he is even better. Also here are a 1 / 6 "chip and a 34x optical zoom in use

Photo Mode:
Does not a man, but even the Canon has a dedicated space on the Modusrad gifts. The photos are in 1152x864 and full for a ton. Each mobile phone is now better pictures. The photos are überschärft, noisy, and the contrast range is a joke.

The housing is cheap, like a toy, something that "Made in Japan" is ... of course only half as expensive cheap Samsung feels to high.
The combined lid for Battery and Memory card has little confidence and the joystick does schwabbelig, hardly believe that the longer.
The screen flickers, and resolve fairly low on.

The shooting itself is ok. The display is in sunshine, but difficult to read, and the Camera Viewfinder has not.
The dubbing of videos designed to be a seizure:
The Camera insists that the power supply. What for? Any other camera does not do that, the Battery is synonymous big enough.
If you are connected and the files are transferred, we must first of these. MOD in. MPG rename, because most players with MOD files can not bypass.
If you want to have it easier, you need to install Canon Pixela software that identifies the same images in. MPG to. However, very cumbersome and impractical, for example, image tanks.

My Conclusion:
Was returned as bad.
Meanwhile, I have a Panasonic NV GS-330. While working with the band, but provides a much better picture (; synonymous and clay) from. He has no microphone port, but that is synonymous not so bad.
This new generation of "Youtube-optimized" camcorders is not worth much ...


Antwort von Sektionschef:

Thank you for this very helpful review!
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