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Mein erstes Filmprojekt -

My first film project - "Oh no, not again one of the travel document

Frage von Lisboa:
August 2010

Love slashCAM-Forian,

here it is. I want my projects provide the feedback of the forum. I have for many months, always consult the forum. Always interesting facts found for my Project. Now it is finished first.

On Coloring I have not done so. I know that is not know which direction I should go. Comment is being spoken of me. " First I would like to hear whether the film is worth money for a professional.

Feedbacks here appear to me always very honest and constructive. Therefore, the respective information: the Project is qualitatively more than planned as a pure amateur video. Therefore you can comment about it accordingly.

Here is the link in Vimeo, as time is it:

Antwort von Auf Achse:


This is a whole different look Doku! Good research (probably in advance and not only after), mostly clean sound (here and there band noise), matching Music + gepegelt good, nice moods with strong late afternoon (synonymous thanks HV40), a good boy lit the Camera s.Tripod and manual some nice DOF settings, nice interview.
The B / W Müller I liked the good, the framing of the miller (at about 23min would have) you can do better, would have offered optical.
The text is very good, but something spoken spread. Depending on what you're planning with the documentation involved .... either a speaker or a relaxed talk, because your voice is synonymous quite fit.
For Indoors you can see the distortion of wide angle, but unfortunately does not help ....
The map has unfortunately somewhat clumsy and especially in the first half I have frequently noticed statues seem as static as the photos.
End credits missing.
All in all a good bit but still not boring, a few courageous settings and camera movements were still reingebracht little spice.

LG, on axis

Antwort von Lisboa:

Hello "on axis" ...

The summit on ... you're the lucky grad is not, so thank you for your feedback.

Since I will still do something to it. The character with the statue s.and me s.passt not really synonymous. As will be reworked again.

Speaking: Wow, not as a professional speaker speaks to a real wolf ... Let's see what happens there.

The cards: I have tinkered for copyright reasons themselves. This is what you probably too much ... Power but eh ne already tough job. But well, there goes some more.

Man of the miller. Thought the setting was supi and then, bang, he's out.

The ride was prepared, in fact, what's in it should clean. The interviewees were fortunately all friendly and spontaneous. But an HV40 so synonymous frightened no one.

Best regards, Oliver

Antwort von deti:

Your document has been well content. My Feedback (minus the already above mentioned points):

- Comment:
- In the text, the syllable-ig-as I said.
- Do not speak quite as clearly.
- I personally missed a few bass.

- Interviews:
- The abdominal bandage a little early (first interview).
- To change the setting (eg at 11:48 or 21:30), insert cut image
- Use the Audio soft purely in the original sound or go outside if you are slicing the middle in the text.
- In the third interview, the focus seems to be wrong

- Camera:
- Some takes are clearly taken with a short shutter speed. Here, if necessary with external ND filter or better camera work.
- Takes some work mushy - you can see that even in SD. Was the Aperture to use too much (ND Filter) - or if a wide angle adapter at high Focal Unscrew (used) - or you are using pan and zoom to extreme (a good picture is created on the ground and not in the mail)?


Antwort von Auf Achse:

"Lisboa" wrote:
The character with the statue s.and me s.passt not really synonymous. As will be reworked again.

Suggest that in the editing program you very gently clean or zoom out or pan so that at least a little movement in the Picture comes. These images seem so so static because there is absolutely nothing moves in it. A tree in wind look different than in light winds, filming live in my opinion, only with the motion.

"Lisboa" wrote:
The cards: I have tinkered for copyright reasons themselves. This is what you probably too much ...

The cards do not fit optical to the high level of the other recordings

"Lisboa" wrote:
Man of the miller. Thought the setting was supi and then, bang, he's out ....

The fact that he is short time moved out of the image no problem, that is what I do not synonymous. By framing I think your chosen image. You have his face mostly in the middle of the image of the perspective of the background (shelves of the right rear to left front diagonal) and his view towards his face on the right page of the image should have been. Just as the old woman with the castle, which was very consistent with the DOF! Moreover, it seems to me that the miller is a bit blurred at about 23min.
The interviews bring much life into the documentary which acts otherwise something good. Somehow I lack "movement", perhaps you had more people can fit in synonymous activities. Can be trivial activities like shopping, hauling box ,.... synonymous without comment, only with Music. The lock keepers example. You've done well.
There were a lot of cultural images, I'm not quite patient and interested, but probably borderline for many people.
Otherwise, I really liked, for me that is not a holiday video but even more a documentary about a topic.

LG, on axis

Antwort von dagger_pca:

So, if I may say:)

All in all, nice work!

In the beginning you often get the feeling that one would watch a slideshow, what definition suit me personally, but it is to mean anything, tastes-and is used to it.

The card I think not at all that bad, it has its own character and is paasend and good.

If you show one thing from different perspectives, with different settings, such as some names s.Anfang the water, or the church, the sign ... comes before me the discordant,
perhaps it is because I myself have watched the video s.einem notebook, or you have not changed significantly enough perspective (angle and size). And, when I look at the 4-5 times in a row, get on better:)

Later you can tell in the city of galleries, ect, you can visit the show and the brief of the outside and the inside of a set of people who look at the things themselves, would bring a lot. I expect that now is a jump to the inside, at least two other settings.

Antwort von Lisboa:

So thank you s.euch all been detailed for the criticism.

At first I thought, well, write n times on some things. Now I'd rather wait a bit and just make nice copy / paste into Word.

I myself have indeed synonymous in some scenes, "a feeling", but eventually one does not see the wood for the trees. The people with the will, in effect only after the "intro". Maybe I have to think again about the scenic structure, so that it is already beginning of s.lebhafter.

Have not really tried too much to botch in the post. But the observations are correct. I think I know pretty much where synonymous.

Once again, the Müller. Why is not sharp? Yes really clear because I did not gschaut correctly.

As is still work to me!

lg, Oliver

Antwort von mann:

May I add as a top amateur synonymous still have my say? (However, I have watched only up to about 16 minutes.) Here just confused said, what has struck me:

3,4,5 In the first minutes I noticed the fast cuts, which fit well to s.sich little more "quiet" Full-scale composition. Irritates me these cuts. I would expect synonymous small, not too fast panning-for example, views of an impressive detail on half-or long shot or vice versa, which would facilitate the orientation s.jeweiligen synonymous site.

For example, synonymous s.der lock, it is shown how the man as stimulating as it would have been synonymous offered that the camera of him as to the movement of the lock goes. But you can see in the picture only part of the lock located next to the man. Instead of one or two beautiful turn of man is equal to 4 times in succession shown at the crank movement!

Also considered (only up to 16 minutes) my focus was on the whole rhythm section, as I said I was in the first few minutes too many fast and hard cuts, then the assembly was a little easier. When well-planned overall composition I would have expected synonymous soft transitions. Overall, I wished for a more uniform assembly, so money short and long settings and the type / sequence of cuts.

On the spot: "We once again cross the Loire ..." Cut to follow a sign - but that's not enough, it will be three times immediately after each cut to a different label.

Then cut to a rowboat lying in the water / boat, you can see that according to me too long - nearly seven seconds. It is not a spectacular picture - here is synonymous with a visually appreciating turn would have offered, away from the boat or back to shuffle mode.

Ca. at 'min10' text on the foggy scenes "at a crossroads moves ....." - But that appears crossroads in my taste much too tight, it announces the text s.aber it is only about two seconds behind the billowing smoke visible.

The colors are all dull, probably rotated s.späten noon or morning?

Hope my post was constructive!

Antwort von Auf Achse:

"Man" wrote:

The colors are all dull, probably rotated s.späten noon or morning?

@ Man: I have noted above the opposite ..... perhaps it is because that your monitor is not calibrated ....?

LG, on axis

Antwort von mann:

"Auf Achse" wrote:
..... perhaps it is because that your monitor is not calibrated ....? LG, on axis

yes well, I had my brightness s.Monitor only 50 percent, so I'm not so blinded ... now looks at 100 percent even better.

Antwort von PowerMac:

In some places quite well. Since problem is the journalistic quality. Too few people, no real history. Why where you start? What show do you want? Why do not you join people? The text itself is too concentrated, technically not really good. Too much off-text. Your text should not patch up 90% of the film. Reduce the maximum synonymous 50-60%. No one can follow the text, the clarity and order is the memory of Off-the lyrics are very bad television. Your film is as a negative example.

The interviews are quite good. However, the white flash is gone in my pants. The Language of you during the interviews is quite good.

You will need: more people, more history, more motivation why you're doing this, fewer stops, more movement, more action. In the film, nothing's wrong, it's too little. A TV editor and accompanied then someone shows s.den stations important things involved in a story or a theme. Just drive around and show landscape is too little and viable enough for the film. You should shorten your text, make speakable, use fewer images and verbal adjectives, never take the passive voice. Read it once, the Book TV journalism or the TV report of jokes and Rothaus, or about texts for TV and Ordolff Wachel of, well, I think the synonymous quail-book for speaking and moderating in TV and radio.

In the end, you can take a professional speaker. Some do it for you relatively cheap as an amateur. 600-1000 for ¬ you should fix that.

Antwort von Lisboa:

Hi man as head amateur

thank you. The smaller pans with away or out, s.and installed to, well, that would have been something. Now that you say it.

Some Takes I'll double check on order.

Since I'm new to shooting, I was not so many things secure. One says, just not all zuschwenken a la private television, the other says, still images for such a subject, etc. And I am right in the middle ...

During editing rhythm, I tried to follow through all of the front to back. Let's see where this can still be made. As for cutting yourself, I'm more a fan of hard cuts and fades find me in sentiment scenes.

Manno man who is ready since really not all.

Antwort von Lisboa:

... Gulp ...

... I have to collect myself first ...

... Make better times n coffee ...

Antwort von Lisboa:

Thanks PowerMac

the with the text, indeed, was the goal as one-third: Text, O-Sound/Comment, no text. I found myself synonymous, that the relationship is not completely true. But specific to my question, which has been of the test gazers None noted. But I think it's synonymous.

That with the story. It has not always been a person who drives off as if Nichtprofi, you have to be lucky indeed if people take one seriously. I thought I could take as a protégé of the flow. This travels and goes so synonymous in some way. Is this idea totally wrong?

Because otherwise similar to everything. Always drive anyone with anyone. Well, is synonymous n bit n excuse, because I had nobody.

I have ideas / concepts in my head where I could accompany people. But to present this, I thought, I need something, imagine what can be at least: so, what could go there.

Uh, Powermac tell now s.besten nix ...

Antwort von Auf Achse:

"Lisboa" wrote:
Since I'm new to shooting.


If this is really one of your first pieces then warm despite all the criticism Congratulations! This does not create many years ago! Try your own profession and to find your own style.

"Lisboa" wrote:
During editing rhythm, I tried to follow through all of the front to back.

You can cut different blocks at different speeds, then Is it not pabulum. If something exciting comes as a boat comes and jams the lock, then the dramatic music and the cutting speed.

It comes to you with your document still s.was're planning. If you want to present it in a multimedia show audience you could incorporate some of the tips yet. But as synonymous'd ego not make worse "!
Ifs for yourself and the family I'd fumble not much on them and make me with these tips s.den next movie ...... otherwise you mend you to death and lose the joy.
In this sense, much success for your next project and hopefully we see it again!

LG, on axis

Antwort von PowerMac:

"Lisboa" wrote:
(...) I thought I could take as a protégé of the flow. This travels and goes so synonymous in some way. Is this idea totally wrong? (...)

Come with me not over. Your flow recordings are not very concise or sparkling. Moreover, one should not always take the best shot. If you want to talk to the river for themselves, let you say no and take the best pictures. Want to say something about the river, and then say you take 'a few nice pictures. Picture and text must alternate.

Antwort von Lisboa:

I'll tell it this way: I am against this project has never had a video camera in hand.

But sometimes suffer under the idea that you can provide abzuschauen with interest, practice, willing to learn, some intelligence, life experience and ability of Chinese synonymous simple things by and for something on the legs - and sometimes must.

It is precisely the criticism in the forum, which I find super helpful and very constructive, brings me back next huge. "Yes, not bad, next so beautiful," I have not even helped.

Thanks s.alle contributors. And yes, I've willed!

lg, Oliver

Antwort von domain:

I've watched the video with interest, especially because I do not know certain aspects of the Loir in part.
In general I would say, however, that it is for a station to something spectacular and brave and above all, lack of interesting colors and more exciting example of recordings Chambor etc. so with helicopters and the outside and inside of Glidecam with great lighting, so films such as the universe of Schönbrunn or from St. Stephen's in Vienna of Georg Riha.
These teams may spend however much time waiting until the light matches, including it's no longer apparent. You can not just drive to a location and then make for better and for worse, available-light shots. Super-Video is create a task of weeks to months and do it under the most broadcasters and viewers probably no longer synonymous.
But you can feel the love of the conscientious amateur at this video and not everything needs to be more advanced personal use so sensational.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Should I treat this issue, I would see any way of the river as the way of artists or poets. At each station to pick out an artist, the way of city to city across the river with either by boat or by helicopter. Or s.besten an artist or research synonymous traveling salesman who walked this path before. Up to the docu-drama with Reenactement and literary quotations in the film.

Antwort von Lisboa:

I will make me think again about the drama, perhaps, can then be synonymous linguistically convey better the thread that has not opened up to you.

And if nothing helps and scenic material is missing, as some noted, then I'll go back again and just turn to. But the costs again, of course coal. And helicopters. Of course, after five wheat, or two bottles of wine I sit as synonymous pure.

For me it is just the question entirely new project with the Forum's input and begin to build again, so to speak on the acquired knowledge, or the Project with the design criteria is input next.

Is a bit like old building and new construction. Sometimes the new building is easier ...

Antwort von Alf_300:

What is the One and its artists are the others, its pubs
we can not see this also.
It is important that it is entertaining and informative

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