Infoseite // My first wakeboard video!

Frage von Benutzer:

After I met last year 2 wakeboard pros, it just so happened to create for their sponsors a little clip:
You see here the Reslultat:

I need constructive criticism, for part 2 of the clip is now in production!


Antwort von pailes:

Although I am in the wakeboard scene is not even active, but generally I would refrain from extreme sports of the whole showmanship. Wakeboarding should speak for themselves. slow motion and cuts on the music go clear, but everything about it also (as the Flashes), I personally find annoying. The images themselves are quite ok, the guy has on it's definitely, but I think more could have been trying to make. And why the image quality is sometimes so bad? Light is synonymous not so cool, the weather was not so good right? If you prefer to shoot in bright sunlight.

Here's an example where IMO pays more Feeling:


Antwort von B.DeKid:

I'm sorry but both clips almost fell asleep! The two have to clip with the schnecki because I make after 30 seconds, the Music.

The first clip is indeed something quite different when one goes without a tie! From the hat that is damn hard!

But what is important is containing music may already be installed effects, but not so Elevator Techno

I recommend the Top Surf Skate and Snowboard videos to watch.

Particularly on the cut based on the Music as well as to ensure close-up of edges and tricks.

And if no light is there then to the Tripod Flashlight Mount, Tripod can radiate into the water and s.Reflektoren the lamps!

But well for the first video ok just should have given off the 2nd video.

B. DeKid


Antwort von Wallaby:

So the effects are too home video standard, which was the first music I weird, but then I thought - it is perhaps synonymous something else, as always cheerful Extremsportrockgeschrammel that one expects ... s.Meisten What I lacked was a dramatic (synonymous in section). A few close-ups, a couple trapped emotions that build tension, an increase - it is more a series of the same images always understand? It has been seen after 6 sec the whole video, because there is nothing new. If you can pick yourself out in the future, s.welchem days you turn, help yourself, really better weather ;-) Tips for CUs: Amazed spectators, faces, details ...

But we dare not blame only: The movements are well captured s.sich - responded well and pulled the cam always clean properly. It lacks a bit of spice nu ;-)


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