Infoseite // NAB videos for EPIC and Scarlet

Frage von Valentino:

Here are two short videos for EPIC and Scarlet of the NAB:

There is not much new, of which 400 sold EPIC're at a word.
According to Ted is it for the EPIC, a sensor update, but there is no data nourishing Apparently RED changed its information policy and something for the first time noDaten the "Red Dragon" publish program.

Most will have already noticed the RED because Japan has once again a delay of a few months for the mass production of the two cameras.
This time can really help it.

The "Fixed Lens" Scarlet has a zoom range of 28-224mm (35mm eq) in T2.8. Apparently synonymous various ND filters are switched and the REDCODE can be adjusted to a ratio between 8:1 and 3:1. Maximum frame rate at 3k is 120 frames / second.


Antwort von B.DeKid:


Could see how expensive it is to be somewhere less the Basic set of EPIC?

Perhaps NEN s.Start link for me?

Thank you!

B. DeKid


Antwort von Valentino:

No, unfortunately, just not, but then, when 25 thousand are a basic set for an EPIC-X with 4x128GB SSDs.

The first here in Germany have in the rental will be back in Munich, Ludwig and containing a few R1 owners of the first hour.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

Currently, the only available set - up to a rotating Lens finished EPIC-M - makes up to $ 58,000: A price for the EPIC-X (under discussion were once $ 25,000 for's case, that is the same thing that so far the RED ONE MX costs) to my knowledge has not been officially announced, and even can be at RED change known to all again.


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