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Frage von gunman:

Who here can give me maybe a good advice?
I cut in Magix Video Deluxe 15 and am with the program actually very happy.
Only when you burn the finished movie, I am with the sound quality of the dubbing (microphone recording with T Bone SC 400 on normal sound card of the PC microphone amplifier ART TUBE MO Magix Music Studio in editor and then as a WAVE file abgespeicher and inserted into the film) is not satisfied. The sound sounds relatively dull and compressed (it was actually synonymous compressed).
I hear the sound before burning on Headphones from, everything sounds perfect.
Even if the film on Mini DV and then played back will be presented to the overdubbed acceptable, although not 100 percent synonymous, but that I could live. As I said only on the DVD, he is really bad, but taking the picture is OK.
Can I as the movie as an AVI file (which is safe) and then with a separate DVD burning program to burn, so a DVD player can play it?
Namely, I could then try whether the quality of sound is better than when the movie will be burned in Magix.
Is there perhaps this freeware?
PS: I use to burn in the Magix normal settings.
I might do something wrong?


Antwort von JMS Productions:

"Gunman" wrote:
PS: I use to burn in the Magix normal settings.

What are you in the "normal" settings? Give it out your parameters. I have with me still no sound problems experienced synonymous when I burn MAGIX directly.

"Gunman" wrote: Can I as the movie as an AVI file (which is safe) and then with a separate DVD burning program to burn, so a DVD player can play it?
Yes, that's certain. This exportierst you have your movie from MAGIX. ---> File - Export Movie - as a DV-AVI. (DV-AVI has s.wenigsten quality loss, unless you want to save the same uncompressed). This (DV -) Avi file can now use with any DVD authoring program to burn DVD. I make my DVDs as always with EncoreDVD of Adobe. Since I know is that my film with a truly good encoder (MainConcept) is encoded and later the movie looks great synonymous on the DVD. (And I never have any picture or sound problems)

In principle, should be synonymous freeware programs to be able to bring you from an AVI file to a DVD. But do not confuse the difference between "simple AVI to DVD burn ---> DATA DVD" and "AVI to DVD can encode ---> VIDEO DVD" Even NeroVision or Nero is only capable of doing. The major disadvantage of the program ever cheaper, the worse the supplied encoders. One does not synonymous So after about maybe not quite as expected quality complain ...


Antwort von zlois:

So without wanting to moan now, but somehow, the topic here fails s.Platz ;-)


Antwort von joerg-emil:

Gunman Hallo,
what sound have you in the audio settings to DVD? Test times with MP2 (= officially MPEG1 Layer 2), 192 kbit / s or MP3 with 128 kbit / s. Doing so should you not much difference to the original hearing.

Can it be that you have the DVD "too full" pack? How long is the film and with the encoder settings, you create the DVD?

One thing you could still synonymous test:
Export the movie with the default settings according to MPEG2. Then put a new film s.and drag the MPEG file onto the timeline and to create the DVD. Please be careful now that you have "Smart Render" button, so that the MPEG umcodiert will not again. This works but only if the MPEG file is not larger than 4.7 GB.



Antwort von gunman:

First, thanks for the replies. I will take into account the various suggestions and report back if necessary.
Why am I in the wrong forum?



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