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Nature films far s.der civilization ...

Frage von videot:
Juni 2006

hi slashes!

I want this holiday to lug out my XM2 and turning a small travel doku, nothing all too great, better private holiday video ...
However gehts probably somewhere in the wilderness, far from civilization s.der benefits such as electricity or electronics stores.

Now I wonder how I can solve the current problem s.einfachsten ....
simply a buy-akkuz vorrat and invite all before?
for how long in advance because you can stock up with batteries and how long a charged battery retain its capacity ...? is it bad for the batteries? gibts opportunities to invite other batteries, of which I know nothing ..? hand crank or something ..? (now sounds stupid, but what I know ... sowas hab views handys)

And if I ask shconmal: gibts gute reise stative, which you can recommend? (ie use despite low weight on ...)?

I hope for little blusterer and many tips!
thanks in advance & lg.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


So on your Batteries are always details such as 3200mAh. (milli Ampere hours, so if you write ^ ^)

You multipliszierst far as I know 3200 with 60 = 192,000
Now you need to know how much Amper your camera moves per time. This information is to keep as long as the Batteries and then next you ask me but then s.besten the dealer or the vendor of your XM2!

Should you have a car here, you can download via the cigarette lighter oh your Batteries. Should you not have a car, you may synonymous reaches a car battery! This then supplies 12V DC and if you know little bit you, you dranbauen you can use a cigarette lighter!

Then you just need to know what is cheaper and easier. 10 Battery or 3 Batteries and a car battery:)
Quite favorable provider for Batteries you find often in googel!

By hand crank you can spin a long time. I think that is synonymous feebleminded for mobile. That is if they do, more of a gag.

There were no pockets for a company like Portabrace?
But neither knows how good are, nor whether the bags have an XM2!


Antwort von videot:

Thank constantine, responding to the first!
yes, the bags look really nice!

with "how long to keep batteries" I mean, how long a charged battery retain its charge, if I do not use (not, as long as I can with my digital camera to film it)

my car is certainly zus heavy transport and auto I've probably none more here ... the whole canoe is in fact ne ... which in turn ask for a good but not too expensive for the camera raises water ... but for that I probably just prefer to search through the forum ... views

(edited to say: or equal to the net:

Antwort von camworks:

Portabrace is market leader in professional bags. professional is to be taken literally, the bags cost almost the same as its weight in gold. but they are virtually indestructible.

to charge: the autoauflader konsorten and are well known. But you should really be in the absolute pampa, without any civilization fire land (etc.), then maybe something else would come still in question: solar chargers. gibts in well-stocked fachhandel expedition. eg here: http://www.lauche-maas.de/hauptartikel2/C32E2C650f10a24C0AywsI1B27B5/staL/22/Strom.html

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Is then halt the question whether long 2.2 watts to charge such a battery to. A small video light can not operate so sure:)

Yes, the underwater case is of course a nice effect, because the canoes then synonymous views of the bottom could film. All you need to but usually with the water! Otherwise you will get camera bags of Portabrace synonymous Splashproof. This is to be taken literally: So, so the camera may not synonymous ever fall into the water! Practically, of course, synonymous with rain.
These underwater cases somehow I've always been a bad feeling. If my camera was in there and I would go under water to ... mhmm:) Although even with the appropriate models to be extremely safe ...


Antwort von Phyro-Mane:

For solar chargers you need time.
Also invite 2W nen Battery.

Ne enables Sealed Lead Acid Batteries are synonymous, as exists for example in www.pollin.de or www.reichelt.de.
Are available in various sizes and capacities.
with a big one comes a long with, if you have some Batteries.
Charged Batteries retain their capacity for a long time.
For example, 3 weeks we have no problem.
The damage will not be synonymous with the storage in the charged state or something.
Not over the period;)

Antwort von tfp:

Blackeagle123 wrote:
These underwater cases somehow I've always been a bad feeling. If my camera was in there and I would go under water to ... mhmm:) Although even with the appropriate models to be extremely safe ...

The emphasis is on "should".

One possibility is that the way to lug a campsite with electrical outlet, the battery will run, but you might just need a bunch of Batteries and unfortunately now costs a chunk of money, but then of course you rich synonymous one or two Batteries.

Or are you developing a dynamo for canoes, with whose help you onshore while driving your cam can ...

Antwort von camworks:

"Blackeagle123" wrote:
Is then halt the question whether long 2.2 watts to charge such a battery to. A small video light can not operate so sure:)

which should not be synonymous. there is a version with the same dealer synonymous greater: http://www.lauche-maas.de/hauptartikel2/C32E2C650f10a24C0AywsI1B27B5/staL/21/Strom.html

but how do s.foto them to see that the loader synonymous suited to be tied up during the top of the hiking backpack too, and thus the battery "load on the go". I think it's the cleanest and most cost effective solution. 129 and 200 euro listen to a lot, but if you buy 10 compatible batteries à 35 euros on ebay, one is already at 350 euro. and has the whole s.hals weight. And to ask what you do after the trip with 10 batteries is synonymous not unimportant :-)

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