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Need help - video card

Frage von EDIT-MAN2:
September 2007

Hi. have ne question. I will soon me ne video card for editing and Composting treat. After Effects and Premiere should be supported. And most importantly, both in real time to reflect. When DV out is always ne latency of 1-2 seconds ...

Have searched and searched and an eye on the cheapest DeckLink thrown.

Now my question
One prof. Monitor unfortunately I can not afford, because they zichTausend cost. Sony had a 37 rumstehen yet that I would want to use. Now the lower deckling either SDI or HDMI-out

How much would a SDI adapter to scart or scart to HDMI adapter ...

It is important that I must see half ...

Antwort von Edit-Man2:

Still not the same question about this. Many speak in this forum like this, the computer monitors (LCD) TVs and LCD monitors use as a control. Apart of the color, I do not understand how this can work in fields.
Corrected me if I am mistaken, but I'm somehow sure that no TFT or LCD display can Halbilder ...

Antwort von Markus:

"Edit Man2" wrote:
Apart of the color, I do not understand how to get to this [PC monitors, LCDs] can work in fields.

Can not. So here it is synonymous mW rarely and only of beginners recommended. Or in case of need as cheap HD (V)-Preview.

Video recordings s.Computermonitor not look good

Antwort von PowerMac:

No, you can have with LCD monitors colourfast and professional. There are a number of them. This may include working with 50 Hz and synonymous fields correctly. Have I even here

Antwort von clicki:

but of transducers on sdi composite / component / yc gibts ... or of (hd) sdi on HDMI.

Antwort von EDIT-MAN2:

What would you do in my case emphehlen?

Have a SonyFernsehr (37cm) and need to fit a video card in real time in order to be able to work. And in Premiere and After Effects.

Since there is no SDI to scart adapter there, I have an expensive card with analog outputs fall back. As the DeckLink Pro ...
Are here corresponding to scart converter?

I am a 3D CG Artist
I need a monitor in order to avoid the following:
- Halbbildfehler
- Flickering Articles (blur worth exactly)

Antwort von PowerMac:

How do you want on a flickering Articles scheiss Television prevent it? You need something better!

Antwort von Markus:

A "scheiss Television" is definitely better than the preview window of a DV editing or Compositingprogramms.

Can AE previewing via Firewire output? Then came a camcorder synonymous with DV-input and D / A converter function in question, or a matching synonymous A / D converter la Canopus ADVC-110.

Antwort von EDIT-MAN2:

Thanks s.alle Answerer. you have really convinced me, not a senseless money out the window to throw.
Scheiss on DeckLink if you do not have expensive monitor.

Now have the following ...
S-Video cable to buy. My graphics card has an output. Should premiere in the Theater Mode Picture spend. That was 3 years ago yet. Hope it's still ...
And hopefully I can see Halblider ..... this is the most important ever for me ...

For After Effects, I have to rummage around a bit and am on TV Zeka rise ... It costs 39 ¬, but definitely not Halbvorschau ... I believe, however, After Effects will not be able ...

If I am wrong, please write. Will be about 10 days to wait before I buy me something wrong ...

Antwort von PowerMac:

"Mark" wrote:
A "scheiss Television" is definitely better than the preview window of a DV editing or Compositingprogramms. (...)

To get any discussion on the temptation. Yes, better than nothing. Better computer than the cutting table. Better than cutting table uncut movies. Dear films than any movies.

As a 3D Artist you better not "scheiß Television" in combination with its DeckLink. Ferrari with Polish Caravan - so seh ich das At the end you will get used even s.das scheiß Picture and that would be bad. I would be 300 to 400 euros NEN buy second-hand monitor. This brings at least something.

Antwort von Supe:

So, after I now with my DeckLink / Adobe Theater'm through, I find it a hundred times better a preview monitor (JVC) to have no or only when all / part to make it burn and then s.Television the control consider to determine that everything is too dark, too bright to odre else is and then cut back s.den table etc. The Comparison between the preview monitor and TV is very good. Two projects I have done so now and am very happy, especially what the preview of effects using the DeckLink is concerned.

If I am now 3000 EUR had left, I would have certainly synonymous a calibrated HD TFT display made. Hammwaabernich. And therefore does it just yet. Later, perhaps. Well: Better than a preview monitor or no monitor is my opinion.

With flickering texts, I have no problems. That fixes it but by a certain speed and not a purely Articles and white with a slight shadow.

my 5ct

Antwort von Markus:

"PowerMac" wrote:
As a 3D Artist you better not "scheiß Television" in combination with its DeckLink.

Somewhere times must start and stop times, I've synonymous for years a "scheiß Television" for image control. So I could at least recognize, if any Interlaceprobleme have been found. Otherwise, you'll experience at the finished DVD's may be a nasty surprise - and then possibly a change means a lot of work.

Ultimately, it remains each themselves, one or the other to pursue philosophy.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Under the terms of flicker, perhaps, but one gets used to synonymous s.falsche colors, gaining a false impression of sharpness, etc. So I would monitor only the final inspection, but not the work itself

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