Infoseite // Need purchase advice for the purchase of a camcorder (amateur film)

Frage von zeroz:

Good evening, I want to buy me a camcorder and am a novice in this field.
What I seek is a MiniDV camcorder of good sharp images when shooting supplies and in bad light yet reasonably good record. Good Audioaufnahmez.B by Micro, Lowlight or so ... should be a middle Cam sin and under 600 ¬. Synonymous've already searched gegoogled himself, to which Mr Teller pages, forums, and Test Reports and Other .. but as you can see as a hobby filmmakers hardly synonymous with ..

Have found some of the promise to me would imply, but I still can not:

Canon MVX 35i
Canon MVX 460i

Can anyone help to give advice which is good, it's important for me that you wennig light synonymous with recognizable pictures. What else would be great if this would be a lot of features and useful functions and the major unions to edit s.PC s.TV and connect to the camcorder.

Get ready for many many thanks for your help, advice and tips.

greetz ZEROZ


Antwort von Johannes:

what about with the nv-gs37 from?
What little light on the shooting would have VX appropriate.
But is already far above your max.



Antwort von Jan:

Well quite clearly HC 94 / 96. Panasonic GS 280 / 300 should be synonymous times but look closer. Here in the forum even more popular than the Sony.

Thanks to the annoying SonyEigenheiten (few external batteries, its own cable, touch screen, Charger not included, just our own AIS microphone port etc), many of the 3 CCD with optical stabilizer GS 280 is changed.

GS 280, HC 94 / 96 because there are already many posts here.



Antwort von baristursun:

So the Panasonic NV-GS280EG-S, which I had synonymous views but how is it in the light wennig? Hat mir gut gefallen quite synonymous.

Is it perhaps a Comparison between the view:


Had me very helpful :-)


Antwort von Jan:

Have a week ago only to test myself in my stock of the company made, it was no time for screenshots. And with both side by side 10 cm.

But I have to say if somewhere in the network a much brighter Lowlightbild the rumgeistert then with Sony's NightShot / Slow Shutter.
Never in the same position (shutter 1 / 50, Aperture open, fully reinforced) is because even the GS 280 a little brighter, but the Sonyhat more sharpness.

GS 280 vs. HC 96



Antwort von zeroz:

So, I've now decided me and the Panasonic NV-GS 280 EC-S. Thank you for your help. For problems and questions, I turn again s.dieses forum.

greetz Oz


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