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Brauche Tipps bei Kamerakauf!

Need tips on camera purchase!

Frage von KevinMü.:
Oktober 2009

Hello my Slashcam,

We are currently looking for a good (cinema quality) camera for some projects. Unfortunately, we havent really no experience with the shooting. We really like to go look it up in movies and movies with great enthusiasm s.and want us s.jetzt employ synonymous with the issue and realize, among other things for school projects as a movie to make videos to professional sports (skateboarding, BMX) and synonymous else in Partys and take this opportunity to create films.

Yesterday we tried with a "cheap" camera of Canon, the Browns can supposedly "recorded in Full HD, but it only cost ¬ 700 new, make a short skateboard film (I with a few friends who like skating -- In our country there are many great spots), but what has emerged is far from good: First we had problems even edit the footage on the computer (though my PC is old and I only 2Monaten so Crysis on my 30 "TFT monitor fell Maximum liquid into details can) because the Windows Movie Maker does not recognize the files. Then we called the guy who the camera belongs to (the brother of one) has recommended to us and then download Adobe Premiere CS4 . Thus, so that already went much better ...

.... but then we could make erstmal a Picture of the absolutely ridiculous picture quality of the camera: First, it jerky like crazy, despite the Picture schankt image stabilization and her incredibly strong point. Furthermore, the picture is too bright, so you can see some things can not, because they simply "know" are. In one scene, we were inside and could not look out the window because that was just completely white (possibly the camera has a defect?). Or the picture was when we had the sun in front, completely dark.
Moreover, the picture was constantly blurred and sharp at all. Camera also important things, like my buddy with a skateboard prime considerations abgebildetet not sharp and everything else blurry as in the movies, but it was all one has "blurred". You get really very little on the picture up and have to go very far back, which is also easy grottenschlecht only. The zoom is far too low, you can not pick up the picture close enough, and also moves the picture in the display heranholt more and more the more you closer to the Picture.
Furthermore, the picture wobbles really always up and her and it is not so with the camera flying (as in CSS in observer mode) without the whole picture just yet and her rocking out. Although we have a good camera with my right hand properly recorded in that loop securely. Also, the image effects were really little.
What is also bad is the fact that the sound is too quiet. When one speaks 10m away, you hear nothing and synonymous when speaking of close up you can hear almost synonymous, and that the noise from next skateboarding and birds and so do not listen to so clearly s.wie in the movies. Moreover, it is not DolbySourround but only 2 speakers.
This camera was truly a (bad) joke, and has shown us once again how bad are cheap stuff. Instead of some useless Connections mic-in, "la.nc (which is synonymous to incorporate more"), should improve the time prefer the points above. Furthermore, the camera has no background music of choice, so we now have a great video without the music ....

This little testing with this shitty cheap camera that had just "3.3 megapixel" because my phone has indeed more (!!!), has shown us that we must spend 4000 ¬ to get what ordinary s.end . And that's why we need your help (even here, now synonymous because a film competition takes place) when buying a camera. It may not cost more than ¬ 4362 and should have the following things:

-More than 10 Effects
-At least 12Megapixel Resolution
-It has much at raufpassen Picture
-The zoom must be very large
Touch Screen
Picture-smooth, while walking
Background needs to be mapped and blurred Fordergrund must be HOT
she must have cinema-quality (a

Antwort von Mink:

Very arrogant drivel, not particularly subtle or something and somehow wasted effort because not even funny ....

Not bad ....

Antwort von jogol:

You prefer Pressing mutually pimples or something else makes meaningful.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Sorry but I had so much laughter!

So just once in advance .... from such a cheap camera so let's say you had the HV 30 or HF 100 can be MUCH RAUSHOLEN.

for example, Crank 2 has been almost completely with the HF 100 rotated.


Well no preference

Megapixel refers to video cameras for photos .... And the "Pipi" sensor chip in your phone to you can just come full bend.


You have to address the somewhat different.

I promise you that if you einwenig here that you see as the relatively quick read is a lot.

We need for these small or large cameras always synonymous for the extra Equitment.

What you do not need FX are coming from the camera!


So if your not quite pissed off since then - then I should be, and many others here willing to help you a little bit and give tips, then the next weekend will have a very different picture - you should if you borrow the camera again.

Is the proposal nen?

B. DeKid

PS: With Cam ner to 4000 Euro My verkackt it just like now with the little PROMISED. ;-)

Ah yes concerning whether to make music under it ... Click to premiere the first original audio track times and either: Disable sound icon () so mute or just settle with the O sound right - 60db ..... you can then transmit MP3 piece simply clap the second soundtrack - already have your s.Start Mukke.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Oh, I've forgotten what - if you want to buy really already s.Di.

Canon HF 100 s
matching UV filter (as lens protection across IMPORTANT)
Vinten and Manfrotto Tripod and Tripod Buy VIDEO!

Buy a tree in a U profile, which you can grip a handle Basten is useful for the Following shots also with inliner skaters to follow.

A WW (wide) tower is needed here s.besten synonymous with one factor of x0.4 Buy

Additional Micro is important so synonymous Rhode NT G is good here, but on it to respect the Cam just jack and you do not have XLR Microsystems buys

A bag where it would easily fit zeugs

2 to 3 No Name Batteries Buy

2 to 3 memory cards Buy


Later ne kleine Glidecam 1000 and buy

Some Fenix flashlights are (cheaper than SureFire) Buy to illuminate the outside of any good spots quite well to some LightBouncer Crate and Microsystems table stands, you can buy the target, the lamps

So yes, all in all about 1500 euros and s.gehts

B. DeKid

Un put together instead of pimples you prefer to Biscuit wixxen competition - what you will and then filmed on Youtube - so you get your first 10 synonymous 000 clicks together ;-) LOL

Antwort von Miveo:

"B. DeKid" wrote:


Now listen ... have a camera with no background music in there ... that can now really no longer on the market !!!!!!!!:-))))))))))) Manufacturer bring )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))

I'll make in your pants ...

Antwort von Manuell:

B. DeKid really nice of you to give as many useful advice, but the posting is still ne Verarsche, or.

Camera without background music :-)
erstmal cs4 illegally downloaded :-)
A STAND for the camera, not because the picture will not be blurred, but because it looks professional :-)

And then they have exactly 4362, - Euro available :-)

Antwort von Miveo:

"KevinMü." wrote:
It may not cost more than ¬ 4362 and should have the following things:

MfG Kevin Till, Jannik, Sebi and Tob1

Hello My skater

erstmal thanks for the entertainment.

A well-intentioned Tip: better times follow the counsels of B.deKid who knows what he's doing ...

And then you look for example at times of the movies Pilpop:


shows how to impress with a small camera ...



Antwort von campool:

I myself read through the thread now 3 times and got louder and louder laugh ...

@ B.deKid: do you understand the needs of young filmer not? ;)

Antwort von campool:

Moreover, it is not DolbySourround but only 2 speakers. : DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Antwort von Rolf Hankel:

Damn. Have I slept through the winter and is already 1st April??

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Well Everybody starts out at small - otherwise un Verarsche or not - tips did you now get if you put it to me is really quite ;-)

And what you had to laugh .... All in all, but quite passable start ;-)

B. DeKid

They've certainly considered only the demo - I sehs least through my rose-colored glasses;-D WGAF - I'd say.

Antwort von alibaba:

Yes, ne is klar.

Antwort von Manuell:


I think you live in a dream world as full of elves and fairies :-) DeKid.
But or not, tips are always good, synonymous for other reading.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Nope, I always sach "Only LSD makes the world colorful and tolerable";-P

But I do not know what it is wrong - and how have you been saying .... to read or new approaches that may perhaps be helpful ....

Only the guys laugh .... for I am too good.
Perhaps the boys have something to make real bock, and I mean since we may first time "reasonably respond objectively" on it - what I've really done any case!

But I mean if I clear day with 16 ne video cam in hand and there bekomm Full HD on it is my mobile 3 MP and 5 + MP but even then I only FONG times stupid.

If I then for the first time on board behind my em young here fahr s.gemacht have the stability and yet everything looks like shit - naja erstmal then I'm pissed off and think - yes there must be what produces more expensive.

Basically, even with PC off is the MAC produces the same thing:-P

I find that you have to stop loose and go off to try to explain something to the guys and nich drauf directly into the barrel with you and cover.

When I was your age gabs DIA s dials phones and 8mm film .... No trace of I Net .... So then I think you have to see it stop.

But what am I solls as relatively loose set in such cases, the few minutes time, I can sacrifice - to sacrifice ne request (as you can see that)

Who knows, perhaps you can even Sk8ten but with film you had to date nix s.Hut - if .... already fits.


Un wait times now if WE do not have verkrault it ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von KevinMü.:

I again, hey, what are all the insults? I'm sorry that I do not know much about, but it's exactly why I ask you, in the hope of getting a proper answer, finally, we have been more than surprised about how bad this quality.

Very arrogant ramblings

What's so arrogant to admit frankly that we have not as yet have the experience and sorry but the video cam rausbekommen what we have because of this oh-so-great-HD is just bad.

You prefer Pressing mutually pimples or something else makes meaningful.

Thanks for this post, you helped us a lot.

for example, Crank 2 has been almost completely with the HF 100 rotated.

What is the "RF 100" is a great film camera?

Megapixel refers to video cameras for photos .... And the "Pipi" sensor chip in your phone to you can just come full bend.
How come when he has more megapixels?

PS: With Cam ner to 4000 Euro My verkackt it just like now with the little PROMISED. ;-)

But with a camera so we will not verkacken it!

Now listen ... have a camera with no background music in there ... that day may now bring Manufacturers really no longer on the market !!!!!!!!:-

Wi9eso?? Even with my phone, I can add individual join and music videos as background music. Why should then a camera that was specially built just for the film and almost as much as my phone will cost, not the synonymous PERMIT?

erstmal cs4 illegally downloaded :-)

Have not we! Ever heard of one to try out a test version for ????!! 1

And then they have exactly 4362, - Euro available :-)

Yes and? We may be able to increase to about 5000 may be synonymous, if it is not enough.

And then you look for example at times of the movies Pilpop:


shows how to impress with a small camera ...

Yes, the cost has determined synonymous its 3000 ¬;)

Damn. Have I slept through the winter and is already 1st April??

I ask myself synonymous here with these comments ...

Who knows, perhaps you can even Sk8ten but with film you had to date nix s.Hut - if .... already fits.


Any serious review? Schonmal Thanks.

Antwort von videotom:

Hi Kevin,

I now take easy times s.das your post is serious when it synonymous rather look like a joke.

1. A film will not get better the higher the purchase price of the camera increases.

2. Many long-megapixel still do not have a good picture. It is most Lens, the chip and so on. Why is otherwise a 4MP SLR makes a better picture than a 6MP mobile phone?

3. To serve a large and professional shoulder mounted camcorders require synonymous with some experience. Do you have the really ????!!!
The more professional the more the camera is manually!
If you do not believe this looks again at the photo snapping.

4. Films are in my head! Not through Effects and technology.
Why have thousands of people have shuddered at Hitchcock?
There were no special FX. Movies gibts in camera effects and transitions?? NO.

5. Let's not tell you you need an expensive program to cut. The idea is your tool!

6. You write you have no idea but now blasphemes on a camera which is clearly at fault. Gain experience with simple equipment. Learn and have fun and can make a good film is synonymous with a VHS camera.

One more thing:
The HF 100 is not a great camera.

If your auftretet so you need not wonder about you ridicule.

What would you say to a non-swimmer, who the blame on the trunks??

Good luck


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"KevinMü." wrote:
... Any serious posts? ...

Posting Your input meets all the criteria to classify it as a troll with the pubertal sonntäglicher Humor and Boredom - sorry, but since it's no wonder there is not something so seriously.
If it is, but actually meant seriously, then beat you until further notice 4362-Euro-cameras with built-in background music for professional film productions from the head and investing much more time than money into the fundamental basics of your future Hobbies: To Learn's synonymous doing a relatively simple camera. And if you one day with the video technology have made something familiar and then your input again posting reads, you'll enjoy the reactions determined not wonder ...

Antwort von Manuell:

Hm, so I'm still skeptical synonymous if your request is taken seriously, because synonymous with no inkling of the matter to have a few things but should be understandable.
Nevertheless, a forum of course weiterzuhelfen there to ridicule and not distribute them, because they are in the basement ne great HD camera has :-).

The Internet, of course, you offer a great opportunity to read you something and this time you should invest synonymous, because I think a couple of 1000, - Euro to invest in a camera that seems to be used, after five, but not the right to be is very risky. Here it must be mentioned again, of course, that it is not a panacea.

Maybe you can tell you so synonymous nor of anywhere else to borrow a camera to try before you buy.
Good tools are never wrong, but the deal must be synonymous learned.

Break your purchase please do not read over my knee but now a bit of a, and then you can ask specific questions and synonymous'll find clear answers and tips.

Oh, and if you've downloaded the trial version ists, of course :-) ok. I did not want to attack synonymous, but if you stay and s.Ball your post again in a few months reading, synonymous, I think that you'll chuckle over it, at least I hope so

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Manual" wrote:
....., Because you are in the basement ne great HD camera has :-).

I'd know just what s.gern Manual filming in the basement so when we are already so far ;-) LOL


Hey .... So again among us, Kevin and associates With 4 Your n.kauft really all we have as an indie filmmaker needs!

The camera technology is making movies not even out illustrate the work - the only way as a tip!

...... I tell you once s.nen trick .... You want to film ne Rail Slide Session ... this requires 3 to 4 settings

The skater is in front of - he takes off - we see how ne nah recording grindet the image - a wide shot as he slided grindend s.der Rail - then a back / back view as he descends, and the trick is.

Power 3 to 4 fixed settings - per set 5 Takes .....

But among us - we are with people of his ilk on the road, and has set itself the task they move in the right light - so it is synonymous to the trouble!

Nobody would have known if the crack is nich lation to the synonymous This scan would ;-)


Noch nen insider - every move through the footage can certainly still be staged.

I would rather buy 3 cheap 800 cameras with 35 mm or ww adapter as a high end camera - I work staged - has caused my picture in my head, I sit there just about where I draw it to Picture leave! The camera is always secondary.


I firmly believe if you have been and ne nen pile Cranks idea - langasam explores what each brings - that could create good "hammer" lenses!

You have to stop addressing it just being realistic and - most important

You must not ever let what ver telle ;-)

MfG B. DeKid

And then very simple trick to quasi nen the Essence of good shots .....

You want a Picture before our eyes - You know exactly how to play the light - is supposed to represent the pose of your character --- dannn in the moving picture show exactly 2 seconds before and after ... so you make unique photos and film footage ...... everything else is gone Faellig ;-)
Remember, in the "Short and sweet" ;-)

Antwort von B.DeKid:

In short order

Give out no 4362, - Euro for ne Camera - if you can buy one for everyone's dream production indie shit!

Incl. a license for video nen (NLE) Progi ....;-)


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