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Frage von hulk:

Hello everyone,

Since 1.1. gibts a website where you can sell his own videos. It is called The cool thing is that we einschickt his film and when he is then he is automatically copied and sent out - there is therefore no longer Stresss it, but always get coal. That is, if the movie is postponed, ordered. Has anyone ever heard of it? What do you think?

Here is the link to one of my films

Have fun-HULK


Antwort von Murmeltier:


I have not heard of sowas. Whether this is unserios? Can we perhaps get angry synonymous with that? I'll watch my time ...


Antwort von Markus:

That's what I thought at first synonymous, because there somewhere synonymous "Hulk" (the movie?) Stood. Then I saw that that was just the user name in the first posting ... ;-)


Antwort von MiXMaster:

On the Page is hardly what's going on and I can not imagine honestly told me that someone wants to ausgebenn Money. I would find it better if the films are to download.


Antwort von ULY.:

So apology .. these pages with photos do not even work shcon ...
Then how is this going to work with videos.

For photos you may have ncoh ne good use, and potential buyers.
but who wants shcon "HOBBY FILMS" Buy? .. which will be glad when undergoing look on her private homepage, and maybe something else nice to schriebt ...
But who buys nen "amateur film"

And for Vermakrten of contracts is the acuh nciht ... or will you press your client a ticket in hand: BEi you can order the film on nem cheap rohling when they click / Celebrations / Wedding / Barbara's Wedding / ...

no ... this makes no sense ... pity about the time that has invested the web designer for udn pity about the people who sowas aufzeihen and believe it could function ..

PS: self-promotion along the lines of time looking there, what's that .. in forums the way, I find disgusting ...


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