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Frage von rundabout:

Aloha interrelated,

since some days I try to render over the network ... partially folds the nich so ganz.


Adobe Premiere Pro CS 4, CS encoder 4, After Effects CS 4

Dynamic link do I edit a composition on a calculator, between After Effects and Premiere ... is no problem without rendering. Now I would like a second PC with B, the entire render, but I do not know how.

I can only be a premiere project save over Network Share and PC B must then first the PEAK Files, which lasts forever, and only then will be rendered.

Give da ne way to speed up the whole, the "contract" directly s.PC B WITHOUT pass before each network only via the Premiere Project to open?

Another question s.Rande ... PEAK a cache file is a file?

Many greetings


Antwort von frm:

That would be nice if in Adobe CS4 reinprogrammiert had. The Media Encoder is already a huge advantage.
Premiere does not bring any with Render Engine, which only makes After Effects. If AE A calculator on one installed, you can s.Rechenr B Installing the Render Engine Watch and a folder of A Calculator specify. B Rechenr Schut whether it will always work in the Watch Folder there and then working from synonymous.

For yes, you can not file through Premiere dynamic link opens in AE and then render.

Good luck


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