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Hier geht es zur Newsmeldung: New Sony Sensor: 12 megapixels at 42 frames per second


Antwort von WoWu:

But what makes it so interesting?
A small photo sensor with 4:3 many pixels and thus again only one pixel pitch of 1.55 microns.
What's so interesting now?

And anyway ... why 2 / 3 ": Diagonal 7.81 mm (Type 1/2.3)

And the 60 frames of video, the sensor achieved synonymous only in the CROP Mode1
(2000H × 1126V, Approx. 2.25m pixels). that's everything but can not be.

... as a footnote to the sensor writeth synonymous Sony Then:
Quote: Note: This device was designed for use in consumer digital still cameras and May Not Be Appropriate for other applications.


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