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Neues Tokina für 550D mit Nikonanschluß ?

New Tokina for 550D with Niko connection?

Frage von veejay:
Januar 2011


No, I'm not a beginning, but sometimes it creates the DSLR-like quoting Pope Bloom to confuse me.
I am considering buying the 11-16mm, ne 550D.

Bloom recommends seem like the case of external optics Niko bayonet. Then, with adapter made to fit on Canon.

The best option for wide angle otherwise is the ever reliable Tokina 11-14mm F2.8, but make sure it is the Nikon fit So the iris can be controlled by the adapter. It's my number one wide angle lens for the Canon crops and a great lens for these cameras ...

So because of the variability for the use of synonymous s.anderen cameras such as the one hundred and first Pana
Or are there other reasons that I do not suspect?
Have I misunderstood something?

Sounds like something around the corner, if you want to buy a Pana ...

Determined here knows more than anyone I ;--))


Antwort von Filmo:

I find absurd, because it's yes Optics is synonymous for Canon AF, with which you can indeed synonymous fully manual work if you put value on it.
There are, I think, really the only reason these (possibly covered in switching to Nikon or Pana) to inflict such ....
However, I would be too modest, the focal length range of Optics, synonymous as it may consider a prime lens in the eye, with better quality.

Antwort von rush:

Where exactly is your question now! : =)

There are not many mW under bright UWW ... The Tokina 11-16mm part of it.

Why you should now take the Nikon version although it uses a Canon camera - remains a mystery to me.

Especially if you want to use the photograph 11-16er synonymous to care about and to AF, etc., you should get the lens in my eyes rather than buy Canon version ... then you need synonymous because nothing can adapt itself but the Aperture Camera control via ...

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Veejay" wrote:
... Niko bayonet. Then, with adapter fits made on Canon ... Did I understand something completely wrong? ...

That's what you in fact. Your quote is clear from an article which deals specifically with recommendations for the Panasonic's lens GH1, GH2 and AF101. EOS cameras there's no question, so you made the good reason - and the article so synonymous exactly explained - not simply transfer proposals to another system can. The Nikon tip for the Panasonic is only close because of these optics can be adjusted over a comparatively simple adapter to Aperture. If one were instead a Canon EF-Optics s.diesen want to use cameras, it would be a diaphragm adjustment either only indirectly or to realize much more expensive. On a Canon 550D this is no problem.
Who's want to read in detail: http://philipbloom.net/2011/01/26/which-lenses-for-your-gh1-gh2-af100-af101-etc

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Purchase the Canon version

Only and alone at Zeiss says you should opt for Nikon Mount - which I can draw only partially comprehensible.

Antwort von veejay:

Thank you for the many prompt replies.

Perhaps my skepticism resonates in another 32 years of work with Nikon with ;-(

But the Canon connection would of course logical.
Before I was overlooked, I ask you again rather than experts.

Nice weekend

Antwort von rush:

"Veejay" wrote:

Perhaps my skepticism resonates in another 32 years of work with Nikon with ;-(

Nice weekend

Then why not a Nikon D7000-disciples from the past ... ;) Then makes sense to the Nikon-mount ... and your old lenses: D

Otherwise you get the Canon for your Canon ... It has been said it all:)

Antwort von Jan:


the Tokina for Nikon had yet synonymous no aperture ring, so he probably thought a special adapter with built-in ring for the aperture setting that works well then.

Just s.Kameras sD 90 and Canon 60 D one has but two dials for aperture and shutter, which can adjust pretty good. Even with the 550 can be adjusted in Aperture wheel via the AV thumb. For me this is very small aperture ring s.Schluss the lens (Nikkor old) already too small.

I would definitely use with the Canon 550 D variant synonymous should be the question of whether all measurements with each adapter to function fully.

The Tokina is already strong, synonymous in mechanics. Tokina is always strong in the area distortion and vignetting.

Sigma's new 10-20 is very much synonymous, but stop Aperture 3.5.

Sigma is well known, a higher spread for standard, so you should sometimes take 2-3 attempts to get the best optics.


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