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Neues Tutorial: Die schwebende Kamera

New Tutorial: The Floating Camera

Frage von Lutz Dieckmann:
Dezember 2010


time for the new millennium, we have our new tutorial "The Floating Camera" on our page online. It deals with the structure, the tricks and the use of a floating system.

There are also video-News and a new address. Questions to the tutorial, as always like to be answered here.


Lutz Dieckmann

Antwort von pilskopf:

Hello Lutz, the Steadicam was now not been stabilized as well as you would have probably have liked. : D

Antwort von JMS Productions:

Nice tutorial! Your colleague looks, however, not only as 7 days of rainy weather, but more like 70 years it rains ... Correction: "My God!" Unmotivated It could not synonymous, was: D

Antwort von Funque:

JMS Productions "wrote:
Nice tutorial! Your colleague looks, however, not only as 7 days of rainy weather, but more like 70 years it rains ... Correction: "My God!" Unmotivated It could not synonymous, was: D

It's just an agent, I am thinking it is a bit downstream and runs around just do not like the blooming sunshine.


Antwort von Maze:

Explains, at least very nice what effect the system, we can see that the Lutz himself not much experience with the system has, therefore, not the act of sample videos so well.

Antwort von Axel:

Somewhere it is then called "Good pictures are not burdensome," and I must protest so times. I can therefore weigh a thing, I even own an already built. What I can not do is to make good pictures with it although I have tried sooo. I am lucky, I have respect for the achievements of others, I appreciate, and that there is not really on Master Card.

Antwort von domain:

Div. Sample videos, where the system just quickly point-and torn or before-and moved back and the camera will then still stands unmoved, one can easily forget. All these rapid motions takes s.and within the pendulum frequency are leveled simply by already. It does not help and you need to make any false ideas: any Steadycam is already purely physical floats an imperfect thing and all the talk about a static and dynamic optimal Tarierierung at the camera really is nonsense.
Again, the focus will have to just below the joint, no preference whether amateur or professional system. And so of course there are all unsound effects that are synonymous in the tutorial visible, apart from the considerable adjustment effort, which was suggested here really realistic.
A variation of the camera during acceleration and braking or cornering, where the heavier lower part, wants to break the centrifugal force is accordingly, almost impossible if you are not aware, however holds and manual.
I am more convinced than ever that such systems are in the hands of professionals that can smother foresight by the negative effects of practice in the bud.

Antwort von pilskopf:

And I am still of the opinion that one can do much faster with a Handsteadi with such a success as Brummer, who probably need more practice 100x. In a small Steadi have to work against synonymous but not quite as severe. And that right there can not be perfectly balanced Steadi, there is still a zero suspense but then there is no strength to the Steadi brings into balance, one needs it the force of gravity on this, on the other hand by the base of heavy and caused as already mentioned, you have to compensate for an imbalance or opposes or containing corrected.

I really like working with my little Steadi and hold me now, not talented, but Lutz scenes I'd hammer out 5x as well without that I would have to practice it. My personal favorite is still this.
One has to not having trouble with so great a Steadi I mean is synonymous wenns and easier thanks to a DSLR you can now rotate in breathtaking quality so synonymous, synonymous, thanks to great super wide angle Lenses.

Antwort von Tuffy:

"Pils head" wrote:
And I am still of the opinion that with a lot faster with a Handsteadi can afford such a success as with Brummer, who probably need more practice 100x.

Since you having a point - that is, of course synonymous but only if you have a small camera (an EX3 + counterweight + steady on my arm - no, thank you: D).

Otherwise, this is sufficient for most certainly - most comes from the exercise.

With DSLRs and system cameras songwriter but always as a thing, because you can draw the focus difficult (or expensive) and much of the focus goes quickly, because when AF does not necessarily synonymous large sensor was.
Said again and again Wide Angle arrives, with my 11-16er's at f2.8 to about 2.5 m all sharp, corresponding more with a smaller aperture. Is a double-edged, but totally interesting, sword:)

Antwort von Axel:

"Pils head" wrote:
My personal favorite is still this.

Of which I speak. The grace with which the camera hovers and still really like sitting in a slow-motion ghost train, floating "tells" that is something you still synonymous with so much exercise does not create when it is not in his blood. Reminded me of , because people almost as slow moving, as if everything is a bullet-time track, very cool. It is my opinion not much sense for someone like me to familiarize myself there. I would rather hire someone like you, and ready. Film has too many aspects.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Thank you for your effort and Happy Lutz.

B. DeKid

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