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Frage von Bespi:


Since my current system (Vista, 3 GB Ram) zerschossen so already, it is once again s.der time for a new, full video editing PC.

Advance: Since I have no time and no experience in the synonymous Basteln have to be the whole system on configured synonymous and equal to those of assembly.

My requirements would be HDV editing with Premiere CS4, synonymous After Effects CS4 and Photoshop CS4, I will use extensively. With 3D animation, I will probably in the near future also something to contend with.

So I imagine the system roughly follows:

Vista Home Premium 64-bit (I know that the current programs that are not yet fully exploit, but it wants for the future ahead.)
8 GB Ram
Processor Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 (or it may be synonymous to a somewhat weaker?)
1 TB hard drive minimum.
S.Besten DVD Burner with Lightscribe (BluyRay can I do to retrofit later.)

Thus, the exact composition but now I need your help because I unfortunately lack the experience.

As the budget would say a maximum of 1100 Euro.

Thank you. Lg


Antwort von Fenek:

Standard answer:
Why do not you use the expertise of the dealer around the corner?

I have abdominal pain always something in online shops.
One is around the corner you zumnidest an expert can provide.


Antwort von Zaun:

Why abdominal pain " A top-notch service is zB.bei because everything fits.
The around the corner eh wants to sell only the s.meisten where he earned or so.Die help with all names steadfast shops near me was a joke. That was the best I suggested something different each, and then? Are you back where you started Googling helps a hast.Auch next be informed. MfG


Antwort von happythewicked:


I am just sitting s.der same question and have approximately the same system in the head;)

I have informed myself on the internet in a forum and demand what the other user on my system say.

this came out:

Perhaps what you can to start. need to purchase ViewPicture click above, then you see the number.

with the graphics card I do not quite ... whether these or any of Nvidia.


Antwort von Bespi:

hi thanks, that helps me in any case next. werd me tomorrow or something then go and scout in the direction of ordering. werd probably two 1 TB WD plates clean, but otherwise I like the system quite well.

the screen will have a way, synonymous to the same taste. I tend to here: (cost in retail is also 220 euro.)

Incidentally, I've synonymous your pc forum thread in order to pursue raid ;-)



Antwort von Gabriel_Natas:

Instead of the Intel Core Q9950 würd ich rather NEN Core i7 920 recommended. 1st is fast (if the program all 4 cores can use, so what can CS4 and 3d animation programs actually synonymous;)), secondly, forward-looking, because new technology for the new processors yet to be developed, while the Intel Core 2 Quad virtually completed are for the motherboard and no new processors more.
Only at the games for 2 cores (or even just one core) support is the i7er row behind gleichteuren quad cores or dual cores far behind. But you want to do so and not play:).,665169/Test/Benchmark/Intel_Core_i7_920_940_965_XE_Nehalem-CPUs_im_Benchmark-Test/?page=9
Und hier der für After Effects:


Antwort von Burner87:

The i7 920 is faster than the 9550, but the 9550 is thus far from the old iron and is really fast.
It also means the Core i7 in mind that the RAM is at least 3-times the cost as the Q9550 and the motherboard you get is not synonymous under 175 ¬.
Although it would be synonymous under 1100 ¬ to stay, but pay for performance a little more like a lot of money.

@ Bespi
ATi Current depends on the subject of working with the nVidia graphics card behind, so I would a map of nVidia take.
An 9600 GT or 9800 GT for 75 ¬ or 100 should be as loose enough.


Antwort von Gabriel_Natas:

So the Ram cost is certainly not the 3-fold, but no more than twice. But NEN reasonable i7er Core immo actually goes for no less than 1100 euros, unless you want to assemble yourself;).

Why hangs behind ATI Nvidia?
The ATI HD 4870 would be in the budget, especially if he takes NEN Q9950 loose inside and more power for the money there is not. But vll. slightly above the budget with ~ 250 euros.

If he still wants to make 3d animation would vll. a Firepro 3750 or Quadro FX570 quite useful, because these are specially designed. Cost ~ 150 euro. The Firepro würd I appreciate more.

Otherwise you can with the HD 4850 or a 9800 GT really nothing wrong. The take is not much.


Antwort von Bespi:

Hi. i7 looks promising, it is at the moment with the price but not altogether.

here at my compilation:
is this so in an orderly, or did I imagine s.der wrong value? possibly cheaper ram? with the graphics card, I am not sure synonymous.

thanks. lg

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 boxed, 12MB, LGA775
Availability: Art-No.: HV20Q955DE
¬ 252.32
including VAT and plus shipping costs

Sockel 775 Intel P45, ATX Specials: passive chipset cooling
Bluetooth: No
suitable for CPU: Intel Sockel 775 "Conroe"
Availability: Art-No.: HV1128UJDE
¬ 119.05
including VAT and plus shipping costs

4096MB-KIT Corsair XMS2 PC8500, CL5 bus: 533 MHz DDR (PC8500/DDR2-1066)
PIN: 240
Availability: Art-No.: HV20CE86DE
72,20 ¬
including VAT and plus shipping costs

4096MB-KIT Corsair XMS2 PC8500, CL5 bus: 533 MHz DDR (PC8500/DDR2-1066)
PIN: 240
Availability: Art-No.: HV20CE86DE
72,20 ¬
including VAT and plus shipping costs

Cooler Master Dominator Xcalade (CM690) without PSU Black Dimensions: 482 x 213 x 524.5 mm
Design: ATX / Midi-Tower
Apertures: V 1.6
Availability: Art-No.: HV203FALDE
¬ 65.15
including VAT and plus shipping costs

Enermax 425W + Modu82:
Connections 3.50 ": 1 + 2 x PCI-Express
Connections 5,25 ": 6 + 3 x S-ATA
Availability: Art-No.: HVR425EMDE
¬ 76.27
including VAT and plus shipping costs

Sparkle 9800GT 1024MB, PCI-Express Description: Graphics + with Cuda
: Drivers CD, Manual
Availability: Art-No.: HV1021KUDE
¬ 138.51
including VAT and plus shipping costs

Format: 3.5 "
Interface: SATA II
Availability: Art-No.: HV13WCG1DE
¬ 91.97
including VAT and plus shipping costs

Format: 3.5 "
Interface: SATA II
Availability: Art-No.: HV13WCG1DE
¬ 91.97
including VAT and plus shipping costs

Samsung SH-223Q Retail lightscribe Device Type: DVD ± RW (± R DL) / DVD-RAM drive
Write speed: 48x (CD) / 22x (DVD ± R) / 12x (DVD-R DL) / 16x (DVD + R DL)
Read Speed: 48x (CD) / 16x (DVD)
Availability: Art-No.: HV207SQRDE
¬ 35.50
including VAT and plus shipping costs

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit SP1 - SB version Availability: Art-No.: HV33MVP6DE
¬ 90.05
including VAT and plus shipping costs

Ultron Cardreader 75-in-1, internal, black
now 8,16 ¬

Allnet ALL0261 Wireless 54 Mbit PCI
now ¬ 11.31

Calculator assembly ¬ 19.99

TOTAL 1124.66



Antwort von Gabriel_Natas:

So your system is just like that. I'm not sure, but the power supply could be too weak, for 30 euros more but there are already 700 Watt power supplies.
Rampreise go, but I think cheaper Ram, the system would not necessarily synonymous slower to make, at least I've seen so far no benchmark to me proves the contrary.

graphics card is fine, if the 3d program you want to use later, Cuda support.

On average, the system should be perfectly OK, even for ACVHD. And the price is synonymous in order.

I would at this moment the same system together, instead of only the second terabyte hard drivers i7 920 and the corresponding mainboard and 6 gb of RAM for the price of your 8 GB Ram and replacing the graphics card a Radeon ATI 8750 X2 with 2gb RAM. My system would be 150 euros more expensive.

But your system is perfectly okay. Vll. würd me 30 euros for the system installation + Drivers invest, but otherwise it is not wrong.


Antwort von Fenek:

Quote: The i7 920 is faster than the 9550, but the 9550 is thus far from the old iron and is really fast.

Guck Dir mal den AMD Phenom X4 II 940 in Comparison to 9950 to
Weitere Info mt Leistungsvegleich zum I7
The AMD currently has the best price / performance ratio.
Currently, almost all of the hardware to increase prices,
Although, unfortunately and dramatically. [/ url]


Antwort von darklord77:

I would definitely s.der Vista Business version and does not recommend the home.
Reason: Vista Business and later copied in the background! "
Jedenfals I think something very important. Especially when one large video data to and forth.


Antwort von darklord77:

Regarding hardware performance, I can just here all the magazines PC Games Hardware heartily. Even if it is not a gamer. Straight Gamer PCs are trimmed on performance, and the need in synonymous. PC Games Hardware tests really very good.


Antwort von holzbrettfahrer:

My new Schnittcompi times had I imagined such a way as to make it possible

PC Intel ® Core !" 2 Quad Q9550 RAID Solution

Antec Tower with Quiet Computing !" technology
Antec Earth Watts 430W Power Supply
TriSpeed dual 120mm-fan in the back of the chassis,
92mm silent fan for HDD cooling
Silikongelagerte HDD Bays for 5 Harddisks
Intel ® Media Series Motherboard DP35DP Intel P35 chipset with
Intel ® Core !" !" 2 Quad Processor Q9550, FSB 1333, 12 MB cache
4 GB DDR2 RAM PC800 CL5 RAM Kingston Original
2 pieces 500GB Western Digital Caviar Black hard, SATA-2 in RAID-0 mode (stripping)
22-fold Samsung DVD Burner, SATA-2
ATI HD 4350 graphics card 512 MB, DVI, HDMI, passive cooling
Integrated HD Audio 7.1 Soundcard
Integrated Gigabit NIC, Ready for DSL
10 HiSpeed USB 2.0 ports, 2 of which front
2 Firewire 1394 interface, 1 of which front
Additional external e-SATA interface

würd price is below 1000

Do you enough for HDV Cutting me the part so?
Better yet little more RAM?

But I think I will be me up, just wanted to have confirmation



Antwort von MHK:

In the face of the situation there for socket 775 soon eh nix neues longer will you be when the system halt just remember what the maximum the board can tolerate 4x2GB RAM, so not because of the 4x1 GB draufbaut;)
If you have a 64bit Windows uses kannste synonymous equal to 8 GB upgrade, then more is not possible anyway. CPU's synonymous not much more, so that the platform is quite exhausted.

Only I would be extra hard drive with install (1TB) or as a USB / eSATA where you regularly take the RAID0 of two 500s only, thus once a week would have useful ...



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