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Frage von Starcore Studio:


I have sometimes made the effort and created a Web site.

Have there synonymous involved my Special effects videos (Under Movies)

How do you like the videos?

LG Lukas



Antwort von jwd96:

The intro for your movie "First Contact" looks so out quite nice, but needs all the world the Videocopilot Tutorials 1:1 copy and sell as homemade?

I do not mean that one should not look at the Tuts or imitate, but please do not copy, but from LEARN.

The website is s.sich appealing, but the submenus s.der Left Page are hard to recognize. I would, for example on the page.
die Überschriften "Powervolle presets " and "Kostenlose presets " with den entsprechenden Seiten verlinken.
Ach ja, WICHTIG: schon mal was of Deppenapostroph gehört? presets to write NO APOSTROPHE! (;


Antwort von Starcore Studio:


If I wanted to sell something none! Did the sales tool a try! Get it rausmachen synonymous! (I'm just not had the time)

But where I please Videocopilot Tutorials copied 1:1 and! Sold! ?

Why did this only now started to Page based graphic design! But I am open to criticism!


Antwort von Debonnaire:

"Jwd96" wrote: Oh yes, IMPORTANT: What ever heard of Deppenapostroph? Presets write NO APOSTROPHE! (;
Daaaanke, jwd96! You write from the soul! The genitive of "Studio", thus "the studio" to write well without the Deppenapostroph! The plural of "test", or "tests" contains also no DA! Funny that he "links" (links) without DA writes.

And "shape" has only one "L".

What is now half the German-speaking world so penetrating a space before the question mark (often synonymous before exclamation point)? Punctuation always follow directly on the front of it a word!

"Bit" in a sentence has a small "B".

Yes, the clip examples of your "Special effects" are really almost 1:1 of plagiarized. Sorry!


Antwort von jwd96:

Sell with I did not sell s.sich meant, but that you write (which is not in your case) it would be his own work. selling was what you meant only as a phrase.
I have referred not only to your site, but to the general public.
But the end of your movie intro reminds me very strongly s.das "Shatterize" Tutorial!


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