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Frage von Loox:


I'm going to have to probably buy a new camcorder, since I suspect that my little unused Pana GS300 camcorder is faulty, since he now recognized for the second time * proof * indicates, even though he all the time (, 1 year) at room temperature in a Lowepro has lain bag.

Now the question arises: what it should be ...

Again, Mini DV, I can use the tapes and then play next? And of course, is m. W. synonymous to the post much easier.

Or another Sytem - but which one?

I must say that I need the camcorder only one time per year on travel. otherwise, my focus is on the field of DSLR photography, where I have a high-end equipment - use of Canon and Nikon.

Therefore, I am not a camcorder not care and I'm not ready synonymous much money to spend for it.

Decide now is just the question of what camcorder should choose one day?
Mini DV models are not or hardly seems to be even.

Thank you for tips and hints.

More than 115 views and nobody has an opinion?


Antwort von hannes:

> More than 115 views and nobody has an opinion?

the unanimous opinion will probably be:
with so little video and a comprehensive photographic equipment probably a camera will be going to the video can be synonymous.
If you were sure of themselves synonymous come on it.


Antwort von gast3:

[Quote = "Loox"]

"Therefore, I am not a camcorder not care and I'm not synonymous willing to spend much money for it".

how can you advise then?

The people here is video's it seems important (and give the synonymous right of a lot of money for it :-))

Maybe would've such a small Stillimage video Clippers a 'la' Panasonic T7 right for you, as "always-there" - Cam?


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Loox" wrote: ... Am not synonymous willing to spend much money for it ...
Nominal times but an order of magnitude: In the "much" everyone understands something else.


Antwort von Loox:

Good morning,

really seems to be that I am here in the wrong forum.
I'm really only the occasional video filmmakers. most of the Video Cam 10-11 months is completely unused in the closet.

Instead, I spend lots money for my photo equipment, because there are my priorities.
Canon: EOS 1DS MIII, MII 5D, 7D, 450D + 550D
Nikon: d3s, D300s, D90
To a large glass series :-)
Bridge: FujiFil S100FS, Panasonic FZ50 and FZ100

Therefore, the tip of a * * Time-In-clippers tend not to be taken seriously.

Sure, some of my Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras synonymous video, but that is something else ..... I Use as good as ever.

As I said, it should already be a * real * video camera.

The question is just: What system?
Currently I use the Panasonic GS300, which was now four times used on long trips and recently the message has shown moisture * * recognized. The message is now no more, but I am skeptical and am always on the safe side.

Now if I want to buy one other equivalent camera, which it should be? What system, what Manufacturer?
Storage on SD card?
Can I edit this film as I knew her of MiniDV?
That would be my questions.

As I said, I know myself in the video world and from almost synonymous probably only temporarily will be put in contact.

Thank you for your help.


Antwort von heimax:

Why a video camera? Look at Diesner Link: Canon EOS-7D-vs-Canon-EOS-550-e.html

These models do you own it already. So movies around with it and you will be satisfied.


Antwort von Loox:

Sure, that could make it.
But in my Panasonic GS300 Direct Comparison with the difference is enormous, in favor of the GS300.

A video feature in a DSLR, I have so far seen more as a gadget, but not particularly taken seriously it is very rudimentary.

Sonybringt now something of interest, a new DSLR / Camera System:
SonySLT-A55 Turbo with auto focus, thanks to a new level.
Could my equipment to extend my trip.

But my question is still unanswered:

Which system should you choose today, if you buy a pure video camera and this will be used only occasionally, but delivers a good picture quality?


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