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Frage von Valentino:

Today is RED with a few innovations relating to Scarlet herraus moved.
The price is in the Scarlet with 8x Fixed Optics and turning are done with Battery and display it at around 4000 euros.
The Scarlet optics for nearly 2,000 euros and the Mini RED optics 700 euros apiece.
In addition, they will be able to capture nearly 120 images / second, and the new REDCODE 100 (these are so scarce support 5Gb/Minute). Aims to have all the fun 2010 (I've finally s.June my birthday ;-)

In addition a RAW mode for still images and video type.
The modules of the EPIC series can be operated synonymous s.der Scarlet.

Not to be despised is synonymous, the new RED RAY Pro sowei the new RED Remote Pro.

Since Canon Co. are beginning to see really old.

More can be found at this link:


Antwort von Heinrich123:

As one hears only what you want everything.
Only it never does come!
So you such safe times, an alternative Geb gift :-))


Antwort von Mr. B:

4000 euros? Not much more $ 4000 -> 2700 ¬?


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Mr. B" wrote: ... 4000 euro? Not much more $ 4000 -> 2700 ¬? ...
price in the U.S.: $ 4750
In this country through customs and tax: just over 4000 euros


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