Infoseite // New version of Exchange 2008 Video Deluxe Pros?

Frage von Colo:


Registered Magix-time customers get a very good offer for the specified version. Since I still have the trial version, because I really wanted to access. Or is directly with the release of a newer version to be expected, then you should prefer to wait? But the pros-version is not so long on the market. I'm so on the current price of offensive Magix bit puzzled. Did someone appropriate information? Greeting Colo.


Antwort von BIL:

do not buy if you have the 2008 Pros should you have it all.

there will be pages of Magix in September with the 2009er Version do something loud forums otherwise reports everything is Bundelware with additional software and you need the HD codecs and Aders already searched old for free.


Antwort von Jupp-King:

Hi-Spezis Magix,
"MAGIX Video deluxe 2008 Premium PLUS bonus" (see EBAY)

I find the right marketing Magix [beschis ... n] SORRY.

What's new premium, or of 2007 / 2008 or at 200 8 the pros and Bonus nochdas zw D eLux givest so synonymous still there now and even a European Championship football version? ...
Sellers wanted to ask (OB SATURN, MEDIA ,...] if you know the difference, is always the same when I demand what is now here s.EXTRA features to come!
"But stands on the envelope" But after you read it, you knew no longer synonymous! a still from.
===> Why is there no Tabular functional performance with Y / N => Fa MAGIX Mktg. Faith is more of a machine name with new design envelopes create (r) en Vergleichswirrung order with another and "YOUR R EN own products!
===> A technician of MAGIX I had once in the direction + e-mail, but he capitulated synonymous of all product additives and his response was summarized: Take it, it's the best on the market and 2008 is the development of 2007. (Tolle almost thoroughly logical reasoning with him after I Selbstbeweihräucherungstouch to Magix video and xxx and yyy to zzz and then to a simple Pinnacle 12 [simple-named startegie] difference ausfragte)
=> Would it always added "Magix Video + 200 years" as suffix and then introduce those in marketing campaigns which are still "NEW" place to invade. Would you ever stop and then XXL XXXL XXXXXLL to inflict. Would still almost "insight" that is too easy!
===> My question explicitly for example: Do I need the MAGIX CD / DVD Image Still Pgm synonymous still be added to the MAGIX VIDEO "xyz"> and Music .. "YZX". Background: To and from photos and video elements MUSIC Background to a mix of photos in Photos (part moves) with effects and videos with picture inserts (synonymous moving part) and speech bubbles / sub-top-line title or Serial lateral treadmills, Google Map, etc. Of course, with Video-Menu selection technique to pure synonymous Still Image Slideshow (with transition effects)-range contributions.
So: Is MAGIX FOTO ... NMAgix full video in which oer a subset (subset), or ...?
===> Why so DETAIL my question: If a little longer before buying is not already equal to an update in the pipe coming!
===> Can mann dynamic elements (SQL-DB) synonymous cause or by PGM. (?) Choose which (random) element or video, or DIA, is executed?

Thank you in advance for all Unklarheitenbereinigenden whistleblowers.

PS: As an attachment to an eBay seller so what's a version for the Real / Unreal synonymous priced
=> Was away for 81 ¬ said cash price would be ¬ 120 +30! So 150 ¬ is found to Nowhere? New variant?

ANNEX: Is the synonymous?
MAGIX Video deLuxe 2008 Premium 25 strong extras for even better videos The unique solution for users with high demands. With many innovative functions, effects, templates and extra tools for professional results - PLUS! Pro-DV Editing: 67 additional tracks, 3D design, individual effect automation, virtual dub interface, TV ad killer, more effects, sounds, styles, menus, etc. - PLUS! Full HD Support: HD video capture, edit, burn and online presentation. - PLUS! High-end dubbing: 5.1-Multi-channel surround sound with Dolby Digital 5.1 Cr


Antwort von motiongroup:

I'm sorry but I can do what you've written here does not really read the Page since I do not really think clearly ..

Write simply, without the Bold and Color for me this is not displayed correctly.


Antwort von Markus:

"motion group" wrote: Write simply, without the Bold and Color for me this is not displayed correctly.
That comes from when you BBCodes use them but in the postings disabled.
by moderator


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