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Frage von De_Michl:

Hi Folks,

I am now s.filmen vigorously for about one years with a Canon HF100 and I would now like to devote time to finally cut synonymous. To this end, I opted for an iMac. Now my questions:

1) Is it possible to cut any program with AVCHD files natively?

2) If not, I have to accept the loss of quality transcode?

3) Can I burn my videos then worked as an AVCHD file to a DVD for you to play in the PS3?

4) Are the movies still in full HD or HD quality (if not native editing is possible)?

That was all our things - for now ;-)

So even times Thanks for the help!!


Antwort von schlaflos011: editing-in iLife - 09 - iMovie and iDVD-.html


Antwort von De_Michl:


the link I've already read. Unfortunately, there are but hardly Answers Relating to my questions. From the article, I can only see that with the iMovie09 enables editing of AVCHD files (not native). Maybe it's with FCS?


Antwort von schlaflos011:


but already it is time your first question clarified.
MPEG Streamclip Download them down! Super program. So I walk my movies in mp4/h264 clips and can play the file directly to DVD on my BluRay player in HD.


Antwort von Jott:

Plug your camera s.den iMac, iMovie throw s.and cut. That stuff is still there, and although anfängersicher.


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