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On2 releases VP7 video codec
Of thomas - 28 Jul 2005 16:38:00
For private use, On2 has released, a beautiful tradition, the current video codec VP7, which is about par in quality with MPEG-located 4th The 1.6 MB download consists of a Codec for Video for Windows (VfW) and one DirectShow decoder. Advertised in the menu are Prgrammer kostwenpflichtigen On2 products.


Antwort von Lucky_Lucky:

Comparable in quality with MPEG 4?
I use the codec already been a while. The recorded quality is much better than MPEG 4 In fact, I get with a 700 Kbps stream VP7 a quality with a 1.1 Mbit h.264 stream is vergelichbar.
The codec is ne force, probably the best for free having video codec for Windows.


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