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News of Black Magic: USB / H.264 video, DeckLink HD Extreme and Mini-Converter of thomas - 18 Apr 2008 14:11:00
Blackmagic NAB 2008 has a whole series of new products that useinen USB / H.264 video, a series of mini-converters and aufgebohrte an updated version of the DeckLink HD Extreme capture card. In detail:

-New series of mini-converters
Just 4 new models of small-format conversion has Blackmagic announced for May. For the sake of simplicity, there are for each type of format conversion a Box: SDI to Analog (SD / HD component outputs, NTSC / PAL), according to Analog SDI (SD / HD component inputs, NTSC / PAL, S-Video In), SDI to HDMI under SDI and HDMI - the price of 325 euros. Each box has analog and AES / EBU audio inputs.

-New DeckLink HD Extreme with 3 Gb / s SDI
A more powerful version than the bisherge DeckLink HD Extreme, which now also synonymous HDMI Recording and playback, 3 Gb / s SDI and 3D lookup table. Features: 3 Gb / s SDI / HDMI / Analog Component NTSC / PAL, S-Video capture / playback, 16 SDI audio channels, 2 audio channels AES / EBU, 2xXLR, full 2K capture and play at 2048x1556 at 24 and 23 , 98 fps, Genlock / Tri-Sync, RS-422, Real-Time Effects in Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro. The DeckLink HD Extreme is s.sofort for 675 euros in the trade.

-Blackmagic Video Recorder
Blackmagic Video Recorder is a small VCR, the video directly to H.264 and recording via USB s.den computer. There are two versions of Choice: one with analog inputs (NTSC and PAL component, S-video) to analog of sources such as VHS, Video -8, DVD or set-top boxes to capture and A WITH SDI for professional demands. The recording can be used directly in the format for iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, YouTube, IPTV, Web or full resolution successes. The attached video software allows easy control of all recording options such as scaling or cropping of interactive videos. The recorder will s.Mitte July for 79 euros (analog version) or 199 euros (SDI version) have to be.

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Antwort von Paul:


That's probably more of a video recorder adapter with additional software.
Because it looks like during the recording of the adapter via USB s.PC connected.

If the part still with Battery and memory card, then it would be a recorder .. it is "only" an adapter


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