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News of Corel Video Studio ProX2 of heidi - 9 Sep 2008 15:30:00
Currently there is Neuankündigungen in DV editing software. Today synonymous Corel released a new version, namely of Video Studio, called ProX2. Material in all common consumer HD formats will be processed so that - in addition to HDV, and AVCHD, for example, is synonymous support files of BDMV (Blu-ray camcorder) and JVCs TOD files.
With VideoStudio ProX2, the processing of high-resolution liquid material to work with than the previous version, such as through a newly implemented support of Intel's quad-core technology, the Smart is synonymous proxy processing have been optimized. This is during the cut the material into smaller Resolutionbearbeitet, but again when you export the full Resolutionberücksichtigt. For a faster rendering can also disable the preview window.
The appearance of the software has apparently synonymous changed, the GUI is anthracite gray, each window can be used in adjusting the size. Some dialog boxes (cut to clip detail), symbols (eg smart proxy, Ripple) and viewing options have been added (effect preview track ad UAE.). New is a next Malstudio, with a video with the drawings UAE. that can be used, as well as "NewBlue" five filter for an "oldie" look.
In the video version of Studio Ultimate ProX2 is an editing of audio files with the included Steinberg WaveLab LE 6 possible, also in this program package, DVD Copy 6 Pros and Pros WinDVD 9 Blu-ray - a ÜbersichtVideoStudio ProX2 kostet 89 Euro (Upgrade 59 Euro), die Ultimate-Edition 129 Euro (Upgrade 89 Euro), erhältlich s.sofort online bei Corel.

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Antwort von Valentino:

Hmm, you can now video studio ProX2 as the successor of then developed Ulead Media Studio Pro8 see? The proxy function derived from the MSP yes 8, makes sense, it is not different in principle as an "offline editing" and especially for the majority of AVCHD Calculator into bucking.


Antwort von Fenek:

Quote: You can now VideoStudio ProX2 as the successor of then developed Ulead Media Studio Pro8 see?
Who MSPro use is more likely to be frustrated.
I've ProX2 briefly here as a demo to test his computer druff had
and once again deleted.
On the photo-kina in Cologne, I will look at an alternative search MSPro8 go.
Quote: Video Studio ProX2 will cost 89 Euro
The price range can do for me, at least not in question.
I have certainly been given a little more to spend.


Antwort von flaggflaggflagg:

Toll - a month ago to upgrade to Ulead VideoStudio 11.5 bought pros and now comes back with a new version.
Either I am not well enough informed, or that was very unattractive. Da werd ich gleich mal call ... so does the net. : - / And 90 EUR for an upgrade this scroll ... wär already fies.


Antwort von Georg:

I think since you were a bit uninformed. It was not a date, but since April there is the version 12 in Japan. War is more a matter of time.

Review but only once, whether the changes you will ever need.


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