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Nikon D700 with video function of rob - 1 Feb 2009 13:45:00
Olivier Giroux has more detail with the Nikon SDK and employs a hack program to the D700 to record the live-view signal to teach. Although approximately 30% below the Resolutionvon 480p - but still very significant for 4 hours programming ... Hopefully, Nikon is the test described in our Tücken der Videoaufzeichnung


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Antwort von the_flasher:

Just so impressive that someone can create something.


Antwort von Valentino:

So impressive, so I think that now is not. The guy has just the data for the live image off and playing it in a tangible format.
Probably it has something s.der software of Nikon-oriented, precisely because this is so via USB this video stream and cleverly this fact, the programmers made their own.


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