Infoseite // No Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro

Frage von Linse:

I have Premiere Pro 6.0 with an upgrade to v7.0,
So far everything has always worked flawlessly, but are suddenly all the effects in Premiere Pro folder is empty. Meanwhile, I have repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled both Programs, alternately run a registry cleaner.
The effects are simply gone! In Premiere 6, they are still available.

Me because someone may have a tip? 'm Totally unnerved !!!!!

PS: The installations have been started of the original Adobe disks.


Antwort von Nio:


My tip Währe as follows: Look in the folder where the efekt lie in Versin 6, include this example in the My Documents folder, copy and späterdiesen back in the Premiere folder.
You have to stop you notice the folder where the files in vers. 6 are looking and whether the appropriate folders synonymous in vers. 7 there.


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