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Frage von JaB163:


I despair slowly s.meinen old videos. I have family videos (VHS) that I would like to digitize.
I have already tried the various versions, but s.aussichtsreichsten seems to me the moment are:

old VCR (normal antenna input and output) per antenna output s.Antenneneingang connect the TV card (Pinnacle PCTV Quatro Stick 510e). The card is designed specifically for analog TV and digital TV

"Hauppauge PCTV Quatro Stick
4-in-1 TV tuner for reception of digital terrestrial
Television (DVB-T),
(Digital cable DVB-C), stereo analog TV and radio,
compatible with Windows Media Center, Time Shifting function
510e D / I / F / ML / "

Channel scan finds a station (VCR channel 60), but now the problem. I get flawless sound but only snow as Picture.
On the VCR, it is not (I've tried s.Television). Cable is synonymous iO
Does anyone have an idea where my error in reasoning? Would be grateful for the help that is slowly namely the infinite history.

Thank you once before



Antwort von tommyb:

It is advisable to use the analog video outputs in order to transfer property, for transmission over an antenna signal could again taste a piece of quality ...

Obtain you a device that has analog video inputs and use them.


Antwort von Dr. Walter Gesierich:

Be glad that it does not work, because it would be technically the worst way, because 2x unnecessary amounts of data to be changed: in the AV on the VCR of antenna signal, the Calculator of antenna and then to AV Digital.
An external USB Analog-/Digital-Converter is because the solution, unfortunately I am not current on it, which is the best there. But there can surely help others, or you googel around times.
For example,

Walter wants good behavior at all times


Antwort von vincent.koch:

... Your time is planned pathway rather "amok"!

If you have not just high-end-claims (not to be expected from VHS as the source material) and would like to invest vast sums of money I would not seek office s.deiner times on eBay for a USB VIDEO GRABBER. The there are for under 20 EUR. They have just the right CVBS / S-Video Connections and with the help of a scart adapter you come as synonymous off if your VCR has only one Scart OUT. My memory make the parts equal a MPEG-2, which you can then easily burn to DVD.




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