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Frage von jazzy_d:


I'm puzzled a bit. Premiere Pro CS4 shows no picture only sound (even with Premiere gecapturtes material itself, is not so s.Codecs and got HDV - MPEG2, DV-AVI Type 1 and Type 2). The joke is, in After Effects, the picture displayed.

I suspect more a problem of graphics card drivers. ATI FireGL V5200 in a notebook with brand new Win7 64bit installed (the system recognizes the card at the time but still a Mobility Radeon X1600, Vista shows on the laptop FireGL). Both ATI / AMD as synonymous HP (notebook manufacturer) offer no support for Win7 on this notebook (ATI / AMD has anyway not support notebook GPUs). Even as cheap to take care of Manufacturer customers. So far I had no success synonymous with the 64bit Vista drivers for both of HP as of ATI / AMD.

How can it be, however, that both After Effects as synonymous of the Capture window displays the video premiere? The real-time DV output from Premiere works equally synonymous (on the display of the HC3 seems a Picture).

Does anyone know a "generic" 64-bit drivers for FireGL V5200, before I play around with the Mobility Modder and try each of tens of driver versions? Or know someone has a different approach?

Thank you very much


Antwort von srone:

a principle of time wondering why the 64bit version of windows?

Makes sense only 64bit yes s.4gb cs4 ram and is anyway "only" 32bit.

because it seems so to me synonymous, as if your notebook is not bleeding edge, 32bit would probably worth a try.




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