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Frage von dklein1402:

I have been working for years with Pinnacle, and now wanted to try the version 10.0. The image display screen remains dark (sound is present).
I have a "NVidea GForce FX 5200" graphics card that operates in the 9.4 vers with no deficiencies. For Vers 10.0 appears to me that there is a driver issue with the display adapter there. How do I get this problem under control? (For NVidea I get no other drivers)


Antwort von Voltz:

What driver version do you have installed?
Have you installed the update patch 10.5 or 10.5.2 yet?


Antwort von dklein1402:

"Voltz" wrote: What driver version do you have installed?
Have you installed the update patch 10.5 or 10.5.2 yet?

Driver Date, 17.11.2003
Drivers Version
.................................................. .........
What an upgrade patch: of Pinnacle?
No. I have only to try the 10.0 version

I thought that it would work well because I use Pinnacle already s.der 7.0 version and am now working with 9.0 and update to 9.4's

All I could do with the error message "Display Adapters" do nothing, and Pinnacle has given me synonymous my graphics card and of where I could get me the drivers.
At NVIDIA, but I'm not at all to find the next update drivers receive.

Maybe it helps you next to help me there.

Detlev mfg


Antwort von Voltz:

Hi Detlev,

Your video driver is outdated. Thus you will not get up and running S10.
Go look at the site of NVidia
Ganz oben links wählst Du "Download Drivers"
Du kannst fast nichts falsch machen, weil NVidia einheitliche Drivers verwendet. Dein Drivers ist "GeForce and TNT2". Dann noch das Betriebssystem bestimmen and herunterladen.

Wenn Du das erledigt hast empfehle ich dir ganz dringend, den Patch 10.5 zu installieren. Du findest ihn hier: (CLICK


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