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Kein Ton nach rendern: Studio 10

No sound after rendering: Studio 10

Frage von sharkmk:
August 2006

Good morning,

have the following problem:

Have 2 hours of digital material on the disk. Since then I have fully pre-rendered material to HD quality. Then I read in the rendered material in Studio 10 (split into 3 files are processed) and. In the storyboard, the music is perfectly integrated and the soundtrack from the video is synonymous the way I want them (the Holiday film is more with background music and on comments or something similar, I prefer the quieter music and the sound of the video high) Klappt where everything wonderful even without crashes. Then I start to render it on a 8GB DL DVD. Render Although this has been a long time despite the Core Duo laptop, but after a night was all on DVD.

Now kommts. After about 2 minutes the sound stops completely. Nothing more, no music, no sound from the original film, nothing more, just dumb. The video runs fine then next as it should be just no sound. Have I considered the sound file in the Temp directory, the same problem. well I thought, shit, DL DVD, and above all, time wasted, but laptop re-test star and start of again. As far as synonymous again everything went well, preview perfect. DVD has been burned, I s.vorspulen after 30min ton still. Since I've been glad kams but then again, this time the tone stopped at 59min of 119min. Could again be mad.

Has anyone an explanation or solution for my problem?

I've already thought of it to read the whole material a new life of new cut of the action and on. But I have no nerve more ... Edit only the import and it cost me at least 2.5 days and then the now render synonymous already 3 days. To make things worse, I have this time at the moment no, (

But how can it be that the first time only 2 minutes and then suddenly, as sound warn 59min? The next time it might work?

Thank you


Antwort von steveb:

When do you have rendered film, the program erstmal an mpg file. What is it me? Is OK? Use a different time then authoring program. Possibly synonymous is a "fading" has not been interpreted correctly and the audio signal gets stuck in the body at zero?

Antwort von sharkmk:

Good morning,

So 10 yes Studio creates the project folder, or somewhere in My Documents if you have not changed the number of files with the rendering sections or rendered transitions, and then two m2v files in the format each one for video and one for audio.

The video file is perfect, no stuttering or trailer or problems ... However, I listen to the audio-file is exactly the same problem to hear that the sound stops halt s.der exactly the same spot.

on your rates down, I did last night once a angeschmissen mpeg-2 file compliant DVD. I'm curious about what happened. On the calculator to my friend, I have angeschmissen then again the same project with direct DVD. Maybe I have luck in this regard. I only wonder what is, I've now tried 3x. In the first attempt broke the sound off after about 2 min, the second attempt after about 1hr 59min and 59min of the last time then after 50min.

If the program is so unstable? Would it then still with Studio 9 attempts, however, the Project File is not compatible (TOLL).

Another idea?


Antwort von sharkmk:


so now I've finally hit upon the idea of seeing just the individual chapters of the menu as individual projects and render them separately.

Well, it's still not s.end works!? I do not understand it. The raw material works fine ..... Studio 10 had once again re-installed ... synonymous has been no improvement .... , (I slowly turned gray hair .... This is stupid, the Studio 10 projects are not synonymous and abwertskompatibel otherwise exportable, so that ichs could simply try to Studio 9, or because someone has experience?


Antwort von steveb:

on your rates down, I did last night once a angeschmissen mpeg-2 file DVD compliant

... and?

Antwort von Dumina:

good that you ask;)

selbes problem has synonymous stopped at 59min sound to play; (

Fuddel just the individual projects by s.den point until I come and then render ichs simply in the same format with transitions and music only hope that this works ... tu ichs then convert with something else into a DVD compatible format ... times if the bill rises to see ....

Antwort von steveb:

at least now .... I would do me the trouble of using another tool ....

Antwort von sharkmk:


sooooo, now FINALLY I have the movie together ....

I described how all the sections individually rendered! after repeated abortions in some places I have everything together ... was nen ACT!!
However, it went much faster, for 10 minutes, I max 1h needed was depends on how many effects and transitions in it were. All in all, I need max 7h what has previously taken more than 16h. Now would ichs divide forever.

Occurred during rendering are synonymous s.and s.Renderfehler that were canceled after a restart and repair the system files in the tmp directory. Is probably s.Programm p

It's comfortable, but the required computing power has again terrifies me. I am with my Core Duo laptop because it had been my efforts working fluently. In the Celeron 1.4 GHz laptop with my girlfriend of the work was nearly impossible ....

What program is it easy to use similar but better and faster Nervenschohnender?? ;)


Antwort von steveb:

In the immediate choice, I would ....

Adobe Premiere Elements
Magix Video Deluxe
Avid Express
and Ulead VideoStudio or mediastudio

. Include Of all, there are trial versions.

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