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Frage von Xander:

Hello folks!

I've search through the forums but found nothing and, unfortunately, dug the hope you can help me, because otherwise the work of months would be there: (

I've converted DVD's with XMPEG and the x264 codec - encoder H264/AVC to AVI, if I play the video with K-Lite Codec player and Windows media player I have sound.

But when I import it into Premiere Pro the sound is gone. The audio track will be displayed, but it is heard when playing back any sound.
Test, I have imported an MP3, it can be played without problems. But the audio track of my video is not. Also, the frequency waves are not displayed (as opposed to MP3).
How can it be?

I've gone though the theme audio to import into Premiere again found my problem but no solution for that I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance




Antwort von Nio:

Nicte found?? Here I have answered 2 days ago =


Antwort von IMMatthias:


I have read your answer, but the soundtrack is not disabled it is active and visible only synonymous no sound is played and the frequency of synonymous waves are not shown.

And if I import a video clip directly behind this is synonymous played, so it is unfortunately not the reason the trace is not active.
I've really tried everything but my knowledge includes, I came to no green branch: (


Antwort von rush:


I would tap out the times you the wrong tone, either in a format have changed or not at all and simply can not do anything to premiere ...
experiment may simply times the ton separately with virtualdub etc. to export as a wav or mp3 and then load the compliant video in premiere.


Antwort von prem:

Thanks for the proposal that can be real? I think it is a. Avi and Media Player plays the video so synonymous with sound s.and it is a file. You mean so I will only extract the sound and try it then?


Antwort von Gast 0815:

Sure it can be. Most players use DirectShow filters for playback of Picture and Sound, Editing Program, however limited.
Available to your problem: Investigate with Gspot ( or MediaInfo (, in what format (codec) of the audio portion, then you know the cause of the Nichtimports. VDub ( is likely to have difficulties to import H264/AVC too, then Avisynth ( and create with the MS-Texeditor a small install file with the following contents:

Directshow source ( "PfadzurVideodatei / video file")

This file with the extension. S.Stelle avs save and open your movie in VDub, then you can export the sound as a wave, which is qualitatively better than an MP3 export.
Then simply use this audio file instead of the Orginaltons for further processing.

Greetings from Marburg


Antwort von Xander:

The first thing I would like to thank you for the expert testimony you've helped me a lot and it really seems that there was a problem with the Uwandlung.
For audio it has the codec and PCM audio status No. Codec Required.
I've ne stupid question you know with which program I can export the audio track when I XMPEG right of the DVD I am trying to get an error message?
Is it even possible now to export of the AVI file to this or do I make of the DVD and if so with which program is doing well.

I must say that I have with these things not a lot of experience and the need for a project at work. Sorry if I nerve;)


from Vienna


Antwort von Anna8543:

Forget the last post, I'm on the forums search yet become even more clever;)

Thanks again


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