Infoseite // No sound on playback sequence in CS5

Frage von studio77:

I have a problem with the sound reproduction in the CS5:

most recently, I use a Black Magic Decklink Studio interface card. For sound reproduction, however, I want my sound card (Edirol UA-25) use that makes the sound bad Decklink spitting, I have not been able to solve.

Although I have indicated my preferences in the UA-25 audio device, refuses my debut, the sound from the timeline on the Edirol sound card to play. The sound of the source material, however, is fully there.

Now the question: Do I have an attitude problem? I can in the preferences with the best will find no option that could solve my problem. Since just as an audio device only in Premiere Pro WDM Sound next to the Black Magic card is selected. The UA-25 appears indeed, can not dial up ...* desperate and hair *

Maybe someone has an idea?


Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Premiere CS5
Black Magic Decklink Studio
Edirol UA-25 USB Sound Card


Antwort von Alf_300:

Stupid question: Did synonymous installed the 64bit drivers?


Antwort von studio77:

Hi Alf,

64-bit drivers installed. It should not be so ...


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