Infoseite // No sound when capturing with Grabster AV 250 and Ulead MovieFactory

Frage von Groucho Marx:

Good day Together!

I have connected a VCR on the AV 250 Grabster s.den PC and would like my VHS videos to the hard drive "capturing".
Connection is as follows:
- Scart adapter from Cinergy in VCR
- Adapter cable with a yellow times in the composite scart socket on the adapter and with red and white times in the corresponding audio jacks on the adapter
- Adapter cable with the other Page: times in the yellow composite input of Cinergy and red and white times in the corresponding audio jacks on the Cinergy
- Grabster via USB with the PC connected!

I would like to capture with the included MovieFactory

Now my problem:
A picture I get both on the PC monitor as synonymous captured!
BUT there is no sound!

Why? Might have the wrong connector? Should not the red and white audio connectors of the adapter cable into the ditch?

I have some posts relating to "no sound found" here, but none to me to help. Perhaps someone has an idea!
Thank you in advance and many greetings

Groucho Marx


Antwort von Siggis slb:

Hello Groucho
You may have with the Windows audio mixer accessories, the level of the corresponding audio input ( 'Record' 'record') and for monitoring the increase of the Audi output ( 'Play' open) /.
Zippo M.


Antwort von Groucho Marx:

Hi Zippo, brother?

Thank you for the first time rapid response.
Unfortunately, it does not really help me next, because I find this or "accessories Audio Mixer" not at all. Is that a specific program or tool that belongs to Windows, or what is it?

Perhaps there were other ideas. In particular, it would help me even before, if I knew whether the connector is correct. I have read somewhere, the red and would have), the white RCA Male (Audio - mglw. via another adapter? - Into the soundcard of your PC. Can that be?
For me, the combination makes, as I have it, meaning: From the VCR via the scart adapter into the ditch and although audio and video - and then via USB to the PC.

Someone any ideas?

Thank you!

Groucho Marx


Antwort von prem:

Quote: Is that a specific program or tool that belongs to Windows, or what is it?

Usually located on any Windows Calculator, Windows XP sndvol32.exe have under my name and is located in C: WindowsSystem32. Is the standard console for controlling the audio inputs and outputs of the computer or audio card.

The instructions to your 'grab' you would have to actually say whether he synonymous the audio signal is digitized and via USB into the PC. Directly (ie without digging) by Jack via the line input of the soundcard, it would certainly synonymous go.


Antwort von Groucho Marx:

Good morning, Harpo!

Now I have tested all weekend and am thanks to your tips synonymous been a great next step:
s.Das Windows tool I've found and pushed up their respective controls. Now I have at least sound - albeit an extremely distorted, with strong noise and "creaking", especially during loud passages. On the VCR, it can not lie, who is running smoothly.
have b) The Instructions for Grabster I do not. The equipment is purchased through Ebay, and since no instructions were in German.

Have you - or someone else - any ideas on how to properly adjust the sound?

Thank you always have time to date for the help! This made me have a healthy amount of time taken next.

Groucho Marx


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