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Frage von stefan.k:


Since 2000, I have movies with MiniDV-Cam `s, first with the Canon MV30i, since one week with the MVX450.

With the MV30 I was almost always happy, good quality in almost any situation. The MVX450 However, I note a not unimportant noise.
In the house I may not be practical in bright midday sun, and good light to film without Noise - with less light in the open, however it works perfectly!

That can hardly be normal, right?

The first test pictures I have burned to DVD, when the noise is there, I have encountered), the camera is connected directly s.den Television (42 "Plasma, 32" LCD, 32 "tube, always the same! :-(

Maybe even one of you the ultimate tip - or the sobering indication that it must be so! ;-)



Antwort von stefan.k:

Just for info:

After exchanging the MVX450 to a Panasonic NV-GS180 camcorder has the with the noise done - and this despite the low light weakness, the Panasonic's will surely have!

Can you tell me of what he wants - the Canon was not OK! :-(

And stuff happens to me as a Canon - (Digital Stillimage)-Fan!


Antwort von Jan:

Yes Canon is much stronger in assessing Stillimage than video. From the XM 2 you probably get a very good camera, many of which have ANY serious weaknesses, well the non-existent battery state's most vulnerable display and battery's are not synonymous with the Digiknipsen ok, naja has at least a new IXUS 800 IS equally strong competitors like Battery NB 5 L received, but otherwise the Canon photo area very much, of L Lens Series to its IS USM lenses.

Image noise in the 450 is so lousy, and the GS 180 is considerably better at it, I did not know himself. Well, the 460s comes despite 20x optical zoom, DV + AV in / out with me in the company of non-absolute-seller, although I saw the camera is not so bad, well, the drive noise is so legendary at Canon Consumer.



Antwort von mkrawietz:

Have you switched to a MV30i of a MVX450? If it was not so wise, the highest number in the product name suggests in terms of picture quality falsche.Die MVX30i a qualitatively not much BROUGHT TO RGB primary color, the only complementary MVX450-Technik.Zudem is the sensor size in the MVX30i larger (1 / 3.4 "instead of 1 / 6") so lichtempfindlicher.Die MVX30i is so synonymous-noise because the noise filter is adjusted strict - if a bit too much synonymous with movement can lead to duplication of edges sometimes.


Antwort von stefan.k:

Yes, I am indeed!

But I was well aware that this is a qualitative step back - at least I've paid in the year 2000 3.499, - DM for the MV30i.
The change was necessary because of another Canon's disease, confirmed the FireWire port had his service.
The noise in the MVX450 was not only explain Thereby, always makes the Panasonic (3CCD), the better worlds.

Because of the rather rare use of this time frame, the price was set at 500, - Euro - I think with the NV-GS180, I have the perfect device for me.



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