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Hier geht es zur Newsmeldung: Nokia N8 HD 720p smartphone with a large sensor and video-sample


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Well, in good light conditions, the videos are already halfway. However: the synonymous, any Pocket Camera á la Aiptek Pen or Kodak Zi8. Over image stabilization is as nothing, and simply digital zoom, then yes. It is also questionable, as the sound quality, here is the video is not meaningful, because it was backed with music.
From the data restore times a device, which can indeed everything, but nothing really well. Display with 640x360? I would have expected at least WVGA. And 3.5, as large synonymous, the display of my 6 year old PDA has been already. Well, who needs all the smart phone for calls bullshit ... enough with the last 2 years synonymous my Nokia 1200 (25 ¬) and the I prefer to shoot a real camcorder, given the small size of newer devices, it is synonymous, no argument more that we want to bring as little equipment. I have been able to convince a bedrock synonymous smartphone fan of it, is instead of a new super duper smart phones with gimmicks rather get a small compact camera with HD video mode, as it quite a lot of filming and photographing. And he has become synonymous of the solution fully and enthusiastically takes the little camera in addition s.Gürtel synonymous not take up much space.


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