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Frage von newby:


Capturing the sound in general not synchronously. Pinnacle Studio 9.4.3, or synonymous with the software of the graphics card ATI Radeon 9000 All in Wonder.

The Configurations of ATI Tool says the outset of that the clock stability of the sound card would not be good enough.

Computer data: P4 with 2,4 Ghz, 1Ghz DDR RAM, graphics card ATI Radeon 9000 All in Wonder. Separate IDE HD with 7200 rpm

In response, I instead of the previously-Onborad Cips with AC97 Drivers 3.76a upgraded to use the Sound Blaster Live 24bit.

Second hard drive with 7200 rpm installed and working memory is expanded to 1 GB. Disk defrag, and Temp and Swap files swapped on the new disk.

Problem is not resolved. Even if only one file from a DVD recorded on a standalone recorder has been convened to be encoded does not match the sound.

What can I do to?

Will a hardware ecode the newly-encoding of already existing files on HD?

Thanks for the help.


Antwort von Markus:


If the picture on a graphics card or TV and the sound separately gecapturet a sound card, then it is not surprising that the synchronization is no longer given after a relatively short time. (Strictly speaking, it is rather surprising that there remains the synchronicity). This has to do with the fact that the video image becomes the basis for digitization of a different time than the sound.

Many videographers use, therefore, a separate A / D, a converter in which the sound is linked with the Picture (so-called locked audio). A possible example of the converter is Canopus ADVC-55, welcher per Firewire s.den Calculator angeschlossen wird and ohne Installation irgendwelcher Drivers sofort einsetzbar ist.

Dass die Umwandlung einer bereits auf der hard drive vorliegenden Videodatei zu asynchronem Sound führt, finde ich merkwürdig. Wo hast Du die Synchronität denn geprüft? Beim Abspielen der Videodatei s.PC? Oder hast Du den Film wieder auf DVD gebrannt and die Asynchronität s.Television festgestellt?

Thematisch passende Links:
" Hauppauge WinTV-Go Card 848/878> simply digitize video
" FireWire FAQ">camcorder / recorder s.PC connect and capture images
" Video capture in MPEG2: Which converters up to 120 euro?


Antwort von newby:

Hi Mark,

thanks for the help.

Asynchronous sound can be had with the notice of ATI supplied software (probably in the WDM-Drivers of the graphics included) card - there is an extra a tool for system configuration. This is shown as an error, the sound card clock stability recommends s.and test a different sound card - yes, I've been trying without success.

Otherwise, it falls directly synonymous with the further processing in the Project for Pinnacle Studio 9.4.3.

Would not even easy to create a better graphics card workaround?

I would like there via TV capture in movies and edit later.
Otherwise, I would like my films of course, synonymous to create the Vieokamera via firewire properly.

The next problem is the further processing of such may be included with Canopus films. They would then yes again on software rendering on my Grafkkarte and the sound chip and run would then probably wrong again - right?

Otherwise I would have bought a hardware encoder card of Hauppauge, but since it is the same - the software can not access to edit an already gecapturten film on the ardware encoder.


Antwort von Markus:

Well the digitization of a graphics card, I personally think is enough. Your camcorder can perhaps serve as an A / D converter? Some devices even offer this feature.

I remember s.eine similar discussion with asynchronous sound in the video forum. There it was so that the relevant Calculator Picture and sound does not synchronously spending, but with a definite, unchanging offset: Will Mix 4 video tracks, all hooks, PC's fault?


Antwort von vw1302ls:

Hello Mark - Thanks for the effort and patience.

how does that because normularen with all the other Users of
so-called multimedia computers?

Are actually all so a scrap as I now suspect?

I think I'll probably leave me on the idea of DVD creation.

Thanks again.




Antwort von Markus:

Hello Kay,

Many users will spend a lot of time until they achieve some of what they want. I think to hear the focus of a multimedia PC is primarily in television and music. Otherwise, A / D converter and were NLE editing cards hardly a right to exist.


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