Infoseite // Not possible to compress the downloadable videos?

Frage von EinarmigerBandit:


Having worked so book now everything I have total Baustop :-)

I would like to compress my 7minütiges downloadable video. With the constant bitrate MPEG1 settings in 320 * 240 deinterlaced 1150 will still ding incredible large 140MB

I know what I should absolutz nich more organized yet.

Comparison to MPEG video saw the other day, 4.5 min for good quality and only 40MB big

With 70-80 so I'd be quite satisfied :-)

Do you have ne idea what I am doing wrong or is not able to VDL such services?



Antwort von Markus:

Hi Flo,

If you reduce the bitrate, the MPEG1 file smaller. Have you ever played with this parameter to assess the impact on the quality?


Antwort von Nio:

It must necessarily be the mpeg? I would evnt. Download Video Codex Still others, such Divix. It'll wegschmeisen eventuel few MB at a similar quality. I encode my videos all now as DviX.



Antwort von cassiopaya:

I have the bit rate so runtergezwiebelt already on 1150th

Whether it ultimately will finally be mpeg or not yes erstmal is not up for discussion.

Mir gehts so if überhaaupt VDL is able to export video in MPEG format so that you can reach human size.

Is there another encoder Programs to hire what I could use it for purely diesenb purpose?


Antwort von Markus:

For MPEG1 you could try TMPGEnc. I have thus been synonymous different MPEG1 video compression.


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