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Frage von Zaine:

Good morning,

I have the following problem:

I myself gebastelt one jib. As a camcorder, I use the Sanyo FH1. Because the sound from Sanyo is not so good, I have attached next to the camcorder, an external microphone, which I take with my netbook.

Now my idea of the netbook was synonymous to use as a monitor for the camcorder. The FH1 has a component, YUV -, and HDMI output, my netbook has only the VGA input.

Now my question is: Can I connect the camcorder and use the s.das netbook netbook as a monitor? Should I buy this as an HDMI to VGA cable?

In the instructions from the camcorder is that you can play the monitor in normal mode on all output options - not only in the recording itself. Is there perhaps any trick to print the picture synonymous during the recording?

I hope you can help me,

Greeting Zaine.


Antwort von Frank B.:

"Zaine" wrote: my netbook has only the VGA input.

Are you sure that it is an input? I Fänd unusual. Normally, I only know because VGA outputs.



Antwort von Zaine:

Yes of course true, that's a VGA output.

Otherwise, I still have an old USB video grabber. Would it work to?

It is the Hauppauge WinTV USB. Has an S-video input, the camcorder has an S-video output synonymous. I shall probably have to test later times.


Antwort von Marc Schneider:

For almost all video grave Bern, AV / DV converters, etc. You have a proper time offset. The monitor image is verzoegert usually 200-600ms.

Gruss, Marc


Antwort von nicecam:

Yes, you sometimes see the forest for the trees. I've already synonymous with output once tried to connect output ;-)
If nothing bad happened, fortunately.

@ Zaine: your Netbook is not synonymous probably synonymous CVBS - or S-video input? Can you connect a docking station that?

A preview of CVBS / S-Video you get synonymous with no delay.
Suitable for capturing course not. But you did not before so synonymous. If the Netbook synonymous too weak for that.

As a preview, take time synonymous visit various monitors for cars, portable DVD player or something.

Focus assessment on HD can often be forgotten, for cutting down such solutions are sufficient.


Antwort von Zaine:

Hallo, erstmal danke for the many helpful answers =).

So I did capturing with the netbook does not, but it would indeed synonymous far too weak. However, I want to use the netbook for recording the soundtrack (on-board sound card + 50 ¬ Sony Microphone + Wavelab 5), because the internal microphone as I said, first of synonymous noise takes the camera (Focus) and for scenes with the jib would the sound from your camcorder right anyway unusable. But a netbook as everyone knows has a monitor, I prefer to use the netbook for both together.


So I just got after a long round and her managed to get the grabber with the camcorder up and running. After studying the manual of your camcorder I have noticed that transmits the picture of the camcorder in standby mode, NTSC only on the "Television". S.Verzweifeln was because I was able to receive the picture only in the playback menu.

Overall, the picture looks incredibly bad, of course - the maximum Resolutionist 356 x 288th The picture is not synonymous in the least compared with the speed of the camcorder - but there is hardly any delay. I guess times around 200ms. That to me is still in order. It's not about me, yes, a great picture on the monitor to have - I just want to know as exactly as I move the jib needs for the trip, which I will now.


So, I've adjusted the settings in the Capture program times - now the preview is running super smooth. There is no longer a time delay (up to 50ms). Sure, the picture still looks like hell, but I did not at all. Had not thought that it still works so well. Now I need only 3 meter S-Video extension cable.

Thanks for your help =)


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